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Season 3 Event 3
« on: May 09, 2017, 10:52:26 AM »
Hariko knelt in the thick brush allowing the foliage to disguise her form. If the undead detected her living essence, they did not reveal it. The disgusting monstrosities shambled back and forth as they had for the past several hours since Hariko took up this position to monitor the academy grounds.

The old academy had long since fallen to ruins, even the powerful enchantments on the buildings and fences surrounding the facility had faded decades ago. But still, the upper windows emitted a mysterious purple light that pulsed like that of a heartbeat.

The shambling corpses began to move more frantically, clearly excited about something. It took Hariko only a moment to see what the undead were worked up over. From the old entrance road that lead to the broken front gate of the academy, several larger figures were leading a line of smaller figures into the compound.

The larger figures were badly misshapen, hardly humanoid in appearance, but Hariko had spent long years in the Hatari underground and she recognized Yuan-ti when she saw them. The creatures were part snake, part man, very intelligent, and tremendously dangerous. The Yuan-ti rarely ever left their underground empire, this made Hariko very concerned and thoughtful.

The smaller figures were lined up in order and force marched into the grounds of the academy. Hariko studied the small frames and the lurching gate. From this distance she could not hear the rattling of chains, but she knew it was there. The small figures had been chained together at the waist and the feet and then forced to walk however far it was that they'd come to be here. Hariko then had to stifle an almost audible gasp as she realized why the figures were so small. They were children!

Hariko watched in silent horror as the children were marched past the open grounds and made to stand in line in front of the main building. The undead were frantic now, their broken and yellow teeth clacked in an echoing cadence across the compound. Still, the walking corpses did not advance on the Yuan-ti or the children.

The large iron doors of the main building creaked open, allowing a large armored man to step through. The plate mail was decorated with the runes and markings of a kingdom long dead. The eye slits of its helm contained the burning embers of hatred and evil that made up the creature's eyes. The thing strode forward and smoothly tossed a pouch into the air directly to one of the Yuan-ti.

"Take these to the girls dormitories. The professor will attend to them when he returns." Croaked the Death Knight.

"Yess, Lord Ravenssbane." Hissed the Yuan-ti. The monster motioned to its allies.

The children were pushed and lead past the main building, toward the smaller buildings in the rear of the compound. Hariko steeled her nerves and silently retreated through the brush. She needed to report this to her Watch Commander.
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