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Season 3 Event 2
« on: April 25, 2017, 12:10:49 PM »
The old Elf sits quietly in the tent while smoking the sweetly flavored tobacco from his pipe. He can hear the argument between his granddaughter and her mate going on just outside the thin elk hide walls.

"It's happening all over, Tenoril. The Longtusk and Redskull clans are blaming the people of Varos. The Kingdom doesn't know what to make of it, they just keep telling us to keep watch over the children until their Wizards can figure it out!" Says the granddaughter in a hushed tone.

"The Orcs have their mind set, I was unable to convince the Warchiefs that the adventurers are not responsible for their missing young ones." Replies the husband.

"I will not risk the lives of our children, Tenoril. We will leave for Thistlewood in the morning." Says the granddaughter, in a tone that indicates that there will be no arguing. The old Elf had heard that tone used by his wife before, long ago. The old Elf closes his eyes and remembers a time hundreds of years in the past, a memory he had tried to forget many times before.

"It cannot be...not again...we sent him to the Mausoleum!" Stammers the old Elf.


General Vr'im stands at the ready before the large onyx doors. He carefully studies the strange decorative carvings in the stone; the patterns are faintly familiar to him, but just different enough to prevent deciphering. If he were to guess, he mused to himself, he would guess that he was looking at scribblings from the Southwood. He had always had a difficult time reading their scriptures.

The giant doors make a loud CLACK noise as mechanisms turn into place. Slowly, the doors begin to swing inward revealing a grand room made of white marble. Large planters filled with sweet smelling flowers blossom all along the walls. Strange bulbous plants emit a soft glow that fills the room with a warm light. Opposite the onyx entry doors is a dais with a grand throne placed at the center. The throne appears to be made from the bones of a giant lizard, a dragon? No, a drake, General Vr'im decides. There is a long shimmering skin of blue drake scales draped over the back of the throne.

"Welcome General." Purrs a silky feminine voice as the speaker steps from the shadows near the throne.

Vr'im stares at the incredible beauty, unimpressed. "Are you the Lady of this place?" Asks Vr'im.

"Indeed, I am." Says the woman. "I am Lady Valedoris. I have come a long way to this land."

"Allow me to welcome you to The Terran Valley, My Lady." Vr'im bows slightly. "I am told that you are responsible for aiding my troops, granting us comfort and security against our foes."

Lady Valedoris nods her head ever so slightly, not taking her eyes off the General. "Again, you are correct, General. My Vardkin have informed me of your plight, and after careful consideration I have decided to grant you my assistance in your war for your homeland." Lady Valedoris' eyes reflect a bit of the surrounding light, much like a cat's eyes.

"Forgive me, My Lady, but what do you know of our war? For what price will your assistance cost us?" Vr'im's eyes narrowed in suspicion.

General Vrim can hear the sound of heavy footsteps behind him; he feels the approaching presence of something large. Vr'im turns to the onyx doors and watches as two large giants with the same ebony colored skin as his lumber through the doorway. The two monsters are carrying another, much smaller, figure. The giants drop their burden with a wet flopping sound upon the marble floor. Blood oozes from dozens of wounds from the creature on the floor as it moans and struggles to look up at Vr'im.

"General. I told them nothing." Groans the black skinned figure through its mangles tentacles. The creature struggles to a kneeling position before passing out and slumping back to the ground.

General Vr'im's glowing green eyes flare in rage. "You DARE torture my people! Is THIS what you intend to be your aid?" Roars the Dark Master.

"General, please calm yourself. Before we got to know you better, this unfortunate soul was questioned about where we now find ourselves. As you can see, he was most reluctant to assist us. Once he saw that we were potential allies, he was most informative." The purr was back in Valedoris' voice. "Don't be angry, if it were not for this one here you would not be standing here to accept my offer of aid." Valedoris motions to the two giants.

Vr'im glares back at the ebony monsters, now noticing that their black skin contains veins of gold running through them. "You have not yet told me of the cost of your aid, My Lady." Vr'im says coldly.

"Well, General. I hear that you have dragons in these lands." Lady Valedoris waves a hand and produces a silver scepter from the ether. Vr'im can immediately feel the power emanating from the artifact.