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Season 3 Event 4
« on: August 16, 2017, 04:27:10 PM »
A hooded dark figure approaches Varos from the Eastern road. The guards of the Varos Legion barely register the appearance of the new arrival, the eccentricities of the adventurers are well known. Still, the dark figure carefully makes its way through the town and towards The Leaky Goblet.

The figure carefully makes its way around the outside of the tavern, to the rear of the building where it can perform its work undisturbed. From the folds of the cloak wrapped around him, Lorasup pulls a handful of tarnished jewelry and places it upon the ground. Next he opens a pouch at his hip and reaches into it, filling his fist with a fine powder of ground bone.

A passing guard can just barely make out thickly accented chanting coming from the poorly lit area behind the tavern. The guard's throat struggles to swallow the bile that suddenly leaps up from his stomach as he places his watch whistle between his lips and moves into the growing darkness to investigate.

A Gadabari, darkly dressed with black, empty eye sockets softly chants into the darkness while gesturing to a pile of gaudy old rings and necklaces. As the Gadabari's hands pass over the jewelry, wisps of glowing ethereal smoke drift over the pile. The guard's eyes go wide at the sight, this should not be happening! The Wizard's Guild prevents any unauthorized rituals from being performed, and here is this Gadabari performing a secret ritual hidden behind the tavern.

The guard inhales a deep breath and prepares to blow his watch whistle when Lorasup suddenly finishes his ritual. With frightening speed Lorasup flings his hand out at the guard and speaks the incantation for a silencing spell. Lorasup has no doubt that his first spell will be useless against the protections of a Varos Legion guard. Just as quickly as the first spell has left his hand, Lorasup launches another spell and yet another after that. Each spell creates a flash of light as the magical energy encounters the spell protections meant to keep the guard alive.

The fight is over sooner than Lorasup expects, the guard is unable to summon help before succumbing to Lorasup's magic. Lorasup's breath comes in wheezes and gasps as a result of the burst of energy he has just expended. The Gadabari chides himself silently for taking more than single breath. He no longer requires breath to live, but only to speak the incantations for magic. A soft light from behind him causes Lorasup to turn back towards the ritual area. He quickly reminds himself of his purpose for coming back to this place.

Floating not six feet away from Lorasup is the translucent ghost of his deceased wife. The diminutive ghost floats within the circle of binding that Lorasup has created, her eyes are alight with defiance and fury, but she makes no sounds, she cannot.

Lorasup smiles, showing his crooked broken teeth. He quickly reaches into another pouch at his side and retrieves the parchment stowed there. Carefully, and meticulously he reads the incantation written on the parchment. The ghost standing trapped before Lorasup begins to shake and scream silently in her own private hell.