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Season 3 Event 5
« on: September 15, 2017, 10:14:13 AM »
A sudden silence falls across the rotting forest as River That Flows True steps onto the corrupted ground of the Southwood.

Centuries have passed since his grandfather fled these very woods. A slight tremble is felt under River's foot, the Earth beneath him stirs and ancient memories return to the corrupted horrors buried deep within the soil.

River reaches into his pack and withdraws a handful of purified salt. Carefully, he sprinkles the salt in front of him in a wide arc while beginning to chant a song tough to him by his grandfather. The soil before him recoils from the harsh touch of the salt and an ill breeze sweeps across the ritual, attempting to disperse the salt and disrupt the proceedings.

Ignoring the attempted distractions of the land before him, River once again reaches into his pack and withdraws a handful of herbs; fresh clover and moss still wet with this mornings dew. River tosses the mixture to the ground and raises the tempo of his song.

He has their attention now; dozens of eyes, each burning red from madness and hatred appear in darkness of the black forest.

For the third time, River reaches into his pack. This time he withdraws a bundle of sage wrapped carefully in thin, twisting vines. River waves a hand over the bundle and a brief spark ignites the sage causing it to smoulder and smoke.

The cursed creatures of the Southwood howl and gibber in rage, they pound and claw at the foul earth beneath them. The wind gusts from beyond the forest, towards River, carrying a foul miasma to choke the cleansing smoke of the burning sage.

The monsters cannot hold back their rage any longer now. First one, then another, and then a dozen mangy and muscled forms burst from a wall of thorny vines. Werewolves with twisted forms and slobbering maws of razor sharp teeth rush at the lone Barbarian as he changes his song into a deep and haunting dirge that speaks of honor, sadness, and death.

In the few seconds available to him before being mauled to death, River transforms. Thick, bristling fur erupts from his body as thousands of pounds of muscle is layered onto his thickening frame. River's ancestors had blessed his family by joining their lineage with that of their spirit totem, the Great Bear.


"Yes, my Lord, I said that he has completed five of the thirteen tasks required to claim the Throne of the Innocent." said the Arch Wizard.

The man seated across the table from the standing Arch Wizard absentmindedly stroked his chin, deep in thought. Sparse light from the five glittering gemstones inset into his forehead danced across the table top before him. Silently, acts of history, myth, and lore played out in detail on the table as the light from the gems swirled and twisted to give life to the characters like a miniature play.

A miniature black robbed figure, much like his master, dashed about and battled other cloaked wizards, then the figure played out searching the deepest tunnels of ancient Tyrra. The image of the wizard then enacted battling dragon after dragon, collecting power as it went. At last, the image played out the final betrayal; the dagger in the back that ended the wizard's reign of terror.

After a bit of watching the scenes play through, leaving the Arch Wizard in an uncomfortable silence, the seated Lord spoke.

"Fetch the scribe, Reginold, we will require the assistance of some adventurers to fetch some captive Lords for us. Beloc is already far too dangerous to allow him to continue his plans."

"Yes, My Lord." replied Arch Wizard Reginold as he turned and left the room.