Author Topic: Halloween 2017 Undead Descriptions for the Costume Contest!  (Read 129 times)


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Halloween 2017 Undead Descriptions for the Costume Contest!
« on: October 23, 2017, 09:36:58 AM »
Lich - The Lich is a necromancer that has finally succumbed to the force that they sought to master in life. The Lich is considered the master of undead, and is known for using their significant powers continue their plans from before their demise, even if it means killing the misguided living in the process . Rotted Figure, spell runes on skin, glowing green eyes. Possible glowing crown.

Mummy - Revered in life, this person was ritually prepared to return from death to continue to lead their followers. Wrapped figure in tattered shroud/bandages, Ancient Symbol on necklace/chest, Yellow glowing eyes.

Vampire - Hunter of the living the vampire is a leech that seeks out the life force within the blood. Pale race, pointed teeth. Possibly no hair, possibly red (not glowing) eyes. Modern take on vampire, or Nosferatu possible.

Death Knight - A failed former knight, often disgraced and called oath breakers. The Death Knight has return to a cursed and pained existence. Armored figure, tattered and broken. Red glowing eyes. Possible tattered standard, glowing sword/weaponry. Possible accompanying undead mount.

Grave Lord - The most powerful zombie in the grave yard, the Grave Lord marshals his zombie horde to spread the curse of undeath. Filthy rotted corpse like figure with spell like runes on skin. Possible glowing crown on head. Glowing red eyes.

Spectre - Killed in the midst of a violent act of passion, the Spectre returns with a hatred from their past and takes out their fury upon the living. Wispy, possibly glowing figure, light green as a color. Red glowing eyes. Anger lines. Signs of a violent death.

Cursed Child of the Moon - A once noble were-creature that fell while battling the cursed creatures of the Southwood, the beast is now itself cursed to devour the spirits of the living. Appearance should be of a type of were-creature approved by plot. The beast should be bloody and show oozing wounds that do not heal. The beast will also possess red glowing eyes. Possible broken restraints.

Ghost - The victim of a violent and unexpected end, the Ghost returns to pursue an unfinished task. Believing that the living are unwilling to help end the anguish of undeath, the Ghost seeks to make the living suffer as it does. Wispy, possibly glowing figure, white as a color. No glowing eyes. Signs of a sudden death.

Ghast - The Ghast is the returned form of the lost souls of the swamps and marshes of the valley. Suffering from an insatiable hunger, and possessing the rank rot of the watery grave, the Ghast seeks warm life essence to sate its hunger. Pale rotted skin with mold and fungus patches. Pus and oozing wounds.

Ghoul - Much like the Ghast, the Ghoul is the returned bodies of the lost explorers of the Avalon's Crown mountains. The Ghoul has suffered a painful end by hunger and that feeling continues to affect them beyond death. Pale and rotted skin looking hungry with recent meals on clothes and face.

Skeleton Lord - Once a great warrior king, the Skeleton Lord now walks Tyrra seeking to rebuild the lost glory of their past. They are haunted by memories of their lost glory and will not stop seeking to bring the living into their domain. Skeletal makeup with spell like runes on bones and yellow glowing eyes.

Wight - Once a renown member of a powerful family, or noble house, the Wight was charged with protecting the barrows of their ancient kin. These Wights have failed in their charge and have been cursed to walk Tyrra in shame and pain until they take enough lives to redeem their families. Pale skin with battle wounds. Clothing bears the symbol of family or house. Broken chains may be added.

Wraith - Wraiths are the remains of evil deeds done in back alleys and dark cellars. The Wraith has been prevented from moving on from their cursed death until they have created enough wraiths to satisfy the Lords of Chaos. Wispy black figure with red glowing eyes, white anger lines. Possible large black cloak.

Corrupted Treant - Once a proud defender of the forest, the Corrupted Treant has succumbed to the madness against the living civilizations of Tyrra and has bargained their spirit to the magic of the Wild for additional power in order to remove those civilizations. Leaves and branches, black flowers and black bark like makeup. Possibly oozing red sap.

Macabre - The creation of a disturbed mind, the Macabre is the amalgamation of several body parts from the left overs of the executed villains of society. The free minded Macabre has killed their creator and found that murder of the innocent is far more satisfying. A mixture of body parts and visible suture lines and scars. Possibly oozing goo from stitches.

Harlequin - The Harlequin was a performer in life that already possessed the odd bent toward the grotesque and horrifying. The Harlequin often shocked and drove their audiences to riots before being forced to leaving the area. Eventually, the timing is off and the Harlequin met its end in a violent way. Possibly burned, hanged, or beaten by mob justice. Bright clothes of a performer and tools of their previous trade.

Revenant - Once an innocent member of society that has been continuously berated and bullied to the point that their death was caused by the actions of a psychotic society. The Revenant has returned from the grave to enact vengeance on the living for the wrongs perpetrated on them at their death. A pale skinned avenging spirit taken form. They have anger lines and possibly names or markings on them to track their vengeance kills.

Banshee - The Banshee is an elven maiden that has suffered immeasurable loss and anguish. Lost in the depth of a staggering depression, the Banshee has taken their own life and has returned to bring the living with them to join their suffering. A wispy female elven spirit with light blue or white as their color. They have black sunken eyes that make them look like they are forever mourning a severe loss. Black lips and possibly a glowing mouth.