Author Topic: Chapter Policy - Bead Draw Rituals  (Read 653 times)


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Chapter Policy - Bead Draw Rituals
« on: August 19, 2015, 08:26:36 AM »
NERO Chronicles allows players to choose between using the Auto Success rules for performing formal magic, and using the Bead Draw Rules for performing formal magic. This choice is made out of game once the first ritual of the event is attempted and cannot be changed until the next event. This choice does not affect the transferability of items created by either system.

The Bead Draw rules allow for more random chance of success and unpredictability in the results of the formal magic rituals that you perform. We have found that providing the players with unpredictable results in formal rituals heightens role play and fun as you never know if the ritual will cause strange, wonderful, or fearsome side effects.

** We allow casters to alter the flaw beads with every 5 levels of formal instead of every 10.