Author Topic: Chapter Policy - Storage Locker and Physical Representations  (Read 527 times)


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Chapter Policy - Storage Locker and Physical Representations
« on: March 07, 2016, 09:54:33 AM »
NERO Chronicles requires real physical representations for all items carried by players. The exceptions to this are Formal Magic/Smithing Components and special items given to the player by plot for plot reasons.

Players may use tags found on adventures immediately, any tags without a rep must be taken back to the player's sleeping quarters and placed into a storage locker, which may or may not have a Mystic Lock spell placed upon it. Once the tags without reps is in the sleeping quarters, the player may use the tags, or switch out tags and place the unused tags without reps into the storage locker. The storage locker, and any tags within it, are considered to be in game.

The intent of this policy is to more accurately represent the world in which we play. It is not intended to punish players unfairly. Warnings will be given for infractions, repeated offenses will result in the loss of tags without a phys rep.
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