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March 25th 2016 Teaser
« on: March 21, 2016, 06:30:50 PM »
To the People of Ilyra,

The winter has been a long one as we eagerly waited for the snows to melt and the roads to clear. The Great Conclave was called, and even though we have lost several of our allies, we hold no grudges. Perhaps, in time, they will once again come to us and we will call each other brother and sister once more.

The land of Elimar awakens from its slumber and has shaken off its snowy coating to reveal a startling surprise straight from the legends of the past. We have begun to find strange magical eggs in the forests of both Shadowfall and Elimar! Legends of these eggs vary from land to land. Tales tell of spritely Fae that leave the eggs as part of their mischievous games on mortals. Other legends say that the eggs are a gift from the Dragons, a test of mortality and character. Shadowfall legends say that the eggs are clues left behind by the ancient Elves, that lead to their most precious secret of Light and Well Being.

The eggs are known to be both a boon and a bane. A person opening an egg is just as likely to be blessed as they are to be cursed. It is my advice that to those of a curious nature to leave well enough alone. If you find an egg, I have instructed my man, Eros to pay a reward for each egg turned in to him, unbroken.

A great discovery was made just as the winter snows fell upon Elimar, a city was discovered by a band of adventurers. This city is called Zoria, and it houses people similar to those found on Tyrra.

Zoria is from another land found on Tyrra, brought to Elimar not long ago by the green mist that some of you have noticed floating around. The people that we have met from Zoria have been peaceful and well meaning. They have expressed a desire to open trade with us, offering some of their strange amber creations in exchange for food, cloth, and building resources.

Recently, the city of Zoria has come under attack by the spiders that many of you have already battled first hand. The people of the city are being drug off to become food, or worse, for the spiders. We have been asked to help Zoria fight these creatures, and save their people from their grisly fate.

I would call upon the brave and the bold adventurers that come to Ilyra to help our new found friends from Zoria. If you would answer this call to arms against this shared menace, please meet in Ilyra on the night of the 25th of March.

May the stars guide you,
Grand Wizard Magnus Ebondark
Magistrate of Ilyra
House Ravenwing