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Chapter Policy - Summer Armor
« on: June 22, 2016, 10:21:21 AM »
NERO is a physical activity where combatants can be vigorous and energetic for hours. It is extremely important to remember that Heat Exhaustion and Heat Stroke are dangers that are ever present. We make every attempt to provide drinking water to all participants, and encourage all participants to drink water to replenish fluids lost while sweating. Heavy and thick costuming can exacerbate issues with dehydration that lead to Heat Exhaustion and Heat Stroke.

The safety of our players takes precedence over all other considerations, this includes costuming and makeup requirements during hot weather.

Armor, and costuming requirements will be relaxed when the day's Heat Index as calculated by NOAA reaches above 85 degrees Fahrenheit. This is known as using Summer Armor Rules.

When Summer Armor rules are in effect, participants are not required to actually wear their armor phys reps to gain the armor points benefit. As long as the participant has the tag for the armor on their person, and has access to the armor rep (in their cabin/sleeping area), the participant may play as if they were wearing the armor. Participants must still role play refitting the armor, and are considered to be wearing the armor in all other ways. The armor tag represents the armor, and provides proof of armor points.

Costuming and makeup requirements will be relaxed when the Heat index is above 85 degrees. Participants that wear heavy costuming are recommended to layer-down for safety, and participants that play makeup heavy races are recommended to only apply an outline of makeup in order to leave the pores open and accessible to air.

Participants are responsible for judging their own health, and tolerance for heat. Staff will remove any participant from play that appears to be suffering from Heat Exhaustion or Heat Stroke.
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