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June 2016 Teaser
« on: June 23, 2016, 11:41:41 AM »
Dark Growth

The soft glow of light from oil lamps illuminate the otherwise dark room. Tomes of knowledge, scrolls of magic, and vials of sparkling liquids sit quietly upon the shelving behind the rooms inhabitants.

The Magistrate of Ilyra leans over a simple wooden table that has been set up in the middle of the room. He stares intently at a short, but thick, black vine that is thrashing violently on the table.

"How much is there? How serious is this?" the Magistrate asks the other man in the room. Captain Melvous stiffens at the question.

"The plants have gained control of the central forest, Lord Magistrate. They are spreading much faster than we can control them. I have lost ten good scouts in the last two weeks." the Elf clears his throat "My Naturalists have advised me that this growth is much greater than we saw previously. Something has changed the flora in Elimar to a wild and uncontrolled growth cycle. This vine was studied by House Magicae and House Reyalta. Both agree that it has been influenced by a strong enchantment." Captain Melvous stops and gauges the reaction of the Magistrate.

Magistrate Ebondark stands to look at the Elven Captain of House Ergale. "I already know this Captain Melvous, I have been studying this vine for several days myself. I also know that the Wizards of House Reyalta told you that they found traces of magic from the Vardkin within the vine. How do you explain this?" the last bit of this statement is spit out of the Magistrates mouth like a venom.

Captain Melvous shifts his stance, preparing to move quickly if needed. This moment was much more intense that he had anticipated. The news of Vardkin magic had affected the mood of the Magistrate since that adventurer came to visit him. More evidence of the Vardkin only darkened the Magistrate's mood even more. "Lord Magistrate, we always suspected what we might find when we came to Elimar. I think that we can now present to the Court that the Vardkin have not perished."

The Magistrate cuts off the Elven Captain before he can speak again "I told them that already, damn it! They now want to know if the Giants can be killed before they regain their strength. How many of them are left in Elimar? What happened to their source of power? Where are the Drakes? The Court continues to come up with reasons to stay in this land, to continue the flow of resources back into Shadowfall."

The Magistrate's rant is cut off by the black vine. It has stopped thrashing and has begun to grow rapidly. Smaller sprouts of vines explode from all sides of the base vine. Small flowery petals erupt from the growths.

Captain Melvous reacts quickly, grabbing the Magistrate by his arm and throwing him back. A puff of pollen fills the air. The Captain's vision blurs for a moment, then his sword is in his hand. Dark thoughts of murder and the presence of another mind briefly touches his own mind before he can regain his senses.

"Enslavement!" shouts the Elven Captain. He brings his sword crashing down upon the table, and the growing mass of vines.
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