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July 2016 Teaser
« on: July 28, 2016, 04:38:14 PM »
A thunderous sound echoes throughout the island. It is the sharp crack and deep rumbling of stone breaking. Several seconds later, a wave of the green mist washes over Elimar from North to South. The green mist swiftly covers all of the island like a great thick blanket.

The people of Ilyra stare in disbelief and horror as the mist rolls in through the outpost. The night air begins to fill with the sounds of people screaming...and the sounds of people dying horrific deaths.

"To the portal!" someone shouts.

It only takes a few moments for the panic to set in, for the the people of Ilyra to being scrambling for the portal that leads back to Tyrra.

The first of the Ilyrans to arrive at the portal noticed too late that the portal had closed for the evening. It only works as a doorway to Tyrra for a short time each night, and the time of passage had passed only a few minutes before the sound had echoed across the land.

Small tendrils of sparkling energies begin to flow, first from the portal, then from the people that had begun to flee the outpost in terror from the horrors hidden in the mist.


The Magistrate of Ilyra, Grand Wizard Magnus Ebondark looks out over the balcony of his room. Fear is plainly visible on his face as he turns to answer the frantic pounding upon his chamber door.

"Magistrate, you are needed! Come quickly to the Hall!" Shouts a voice behind the thick door. Only moments before, the door had been magically warded. There are no protections on the door now.

The sounds of combat can be heard coming from somewhere on the floor below. The sounds of metal clanging and the screams of the dying. Steeling his nerve, Magistrate Ebondark throws open the door of his chamber and calls the magical energies to his hands, preparing for a fight. The Grand Wizard stops in his tracks and looks in horror at his hands. The glowing is faint, the magical energy is there, but it is diminished and fading.

"Oh, Stars! Please help us!" Pleads the Grand Wizard.