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Chapter Policy - Transforms
« on: May 28, 2015, 04:33:48 PM »
Players that will be playing a character with a transform, and wishing to partake in plot lines that utilize transforms, must notify the Event Director 14 days in advance of attending the event. Without prior notice, your character will be treated as if the transform does not exist.

Players may "suppress" their transform any time that the transform is active. Players may not activate a transform on their own. Only the Event Director may activate a transform. By not immediately suppressing a transform the player is agreeing to any and all consequences that arise from transform related plot.

Props and makeup for transforms are to be provided by the player and approved as appropriate for the transform by the Event Director.

Transform stats will work as follows:
The Event Director will issue you stats for your transform for THAT EVENT ONLY. Only stat cards issued by the Event Director may be used.

NERO Chronicles uses level 0 transform stats. These are small bonus' that are always active, unless the player decides to suppress the transform. These bonus' come with makeup and role play requirements.

Certain situations will trigger the magic stored within a transform. Plot will notify you if your transformation becomes fully active.

Transform skills do not reset at the limited reset time period (6:00 AM). Transform skills do reset at the full reset time period (6:00 PM).
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