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Feb 2017 Plot Release
« on: February 20, 2017, 08:16:27 AM »
Many months have past since the cataclysm has befallen those whom inhabit Shadowfall, and as life goes on for those whom have survived, new patterns arise.  Life has become a struggle just to survive as food and supplies needed for basic living are becoming more and more scarce due to looting and the lack of knowledge on how best to obtain or prepare such items.  Small, single-family homesteads sparsely dot the forest lines, just deep enough in to not be noticed by those marauding about to loot and pillage.  Staying hidden from sight seems to be the best survival tool against those that have taken up the bandit life, alas, nobody is truly safe from the darkness and those which it spawns.

Hopefully, "towns" might come together in various places as civilization attempts to cling to life in this dark and despairing world, eking out their own living however they can.  Being a town in this new world would come with it's own risks, though:  Calling out to gather more people together to strengthen one's town also means that you're giving away your location to those whom may wish to do your town harm.  Aside from the Darkspawn and starvation, raiders would be the next largest problem for townsfolk, usually from competing, neighboring towns.

Now that the winter chill wanes, adventurers will soon be added to the mix!  Rathrgar's Outpost, located North of Shadowfall kingdom, within the kingdom of Thistlewood, seems to be the starting point in which adventurers are gathering in preparation for marching through the quarantine zone, into Shadowfall.  Can the adventurers put a stop to the darkness that taints the very lands?

Rumor has it that one of the overrun cities near the border of Thistlewood Kingdom has been growing and enduring these end times for Shadowfall.  Reportedly, it's a town being rebuilt from within the ruined city walls that goes by the name of "Feenikstand."  If the rumors are true, then such a town might become a symbol of hope in the ruins of Shadowfall, and whispers say that this will be one of the first leads that the adventurers will be following, upon passing the quarantine!

Lastly, a cure has somehow been invented for the darkness taint in which the quarantine has been set up to keep out.  It has proven to remove the trace amounts of taint that the darkness afflicts upon most creatures when entering the lands, and only if they remain for less than a week's time.  The taint burrows deeper into it's hosts beyond that duration, and becomes much more difficult to remove.  This cure is sold at Rathgar's Outpost for 100 gold a dose...  But more interesting, is that for an adventurer that can prove themselves worthy, the cost is waived!

Just what is this cure....?  Or more importantly:  Whom has invented it, and why are they so willing to waive the cost?  More, soon to come!

- Unimportant Poet