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Out of Game Posts / Re: Season 3 Event 6 Special Rules
« Last post by derekjones on October 17, 2017, 02:43:31 PM »
Greater Bless/ Greater Shield
Level 3 Earth and Celestial Spells
Duration 1 Day

These spells are similar to the first level spells Bless and Shield. These third level variants grant 10 points of protection and are stack-able with their first level variants.
Out of Game Posts / Re: Season 3 Event 6 Special Rules
« Last post by derekjones on October 17, 2017, 02:37:16 PM »
Suppress Magic
Level 9 Celestial Spell
Duration Line of Sight

This spell will suppress the ability of the affected target to utilize magic on their own. The affected target may not cast spells or formal magic, may not use potions and scrolls, and may not use magic items. This spell does not prevent the target from being affected by magic originating from elsewhere. Magic items retain their inherent properties such as indestructible, and spirit locked.

This spell will dispel active spells on the target including any protectives and enchantments (read as anything affected by Dispel Magic) of spell level 8 and below with the following exceptions, Mystic Lock, Ward, Circle of Power. The spell Suppress Magic will remove an Imprison spell.

This spell will suppress the activation of a glyph as if the spell Dispel Magic had been cast upon it.

This spell will instantly destroy base or lesser undead , golems of base or lesser in quality, and base or lesser elemental creatures. Larger magical creatures may take an effect similar to a Shun spell as according to their monster card.

This spell may not be defended against by the following spells: Shield Magic, Reflect Magic, Displacement.
Out of Game Posts / Re: Season 3 Event 6 Special Rules
« Last post by derekjones on October 17, 2017, 02:17:08 PM »
Level 9 Earth Spell
Duration Instant

The spell Heal is an Earth healing spell that will restore the affected target to full maximum body points if the target is affected positively by healing magic. Against targets that are affected negatively by healing magic, Heal will reduce the affected target's body points to -1.

The spell Harm is a necromantic chaos spell that will reduce the affected target to -1 body points if the target is affected negatively by necromantic chaos spells. Against targets that are affected positively by necromantic chaos spells, Harm will restore the target to full maximum body points.

"I call upon the Earth to heal your body."
"I call upon Chaos to harm your body."
Out of Game Posts / Re: Season 3 Event 6 Special Rules
« Last post by derekjones on October 17, 2017, 02:10:13 PM »
Level 9 Celestial Spell
Duration Instant

This spell will cause the affected target's body points to drop to -1, and cause any armor points active on the affected target to be reduced to 0. This spell causes eldritch damage similar to Magic Missile. Extremely powerful, or massive creatures, may take 500 points of body damage instead of being reduced to -1 if noted on their monster card.

"I set your doom upon you."
Out of Game Posts / Re: Season 3 Event 6 Special Rules
« Last post by derekjones on October 17, 2017, 02:05:20 PM »
Wall of Force
Level 7 Celestial Spell
Duration 5 Days

This spell uses a preexisting, free standing vertical frame to create a shimmering Wall of Force that will stretch no more than 10 feet across. The Wall will rise to a height of 25 feet or the height that will fit the frame. The frame must be completely enclosed and the Wall of Force must be able to be placed vertically within the frame. It must be clear to all observers where the boundaries of the Wall are. Normal walls may be used as the sides of the frame, but the floor should be marked with a physical representation so it is clear where the Wall has been placed. Two trees 10 feet apart or less would be an acceptable physical representation for a Wall of Force as long as a representation for the floor is indicated, as would any doorway or portal 10 feet wide or less. If all of the sides are clearly indicated by a portal, then a floor phys rep is not required. Once the Wall of Force has been cast, the physical representation cannot be moved. Neither the Wall nor the frame may be Destroyed or Shattered. Normal traps will not affect it, although some Massive Mechanical traps may cause it to fail in a manner similar to the Imprison spell. Wall of Force, Circle of Power, Ward, and Wizard Lock effects may not overlap in any way. These barriers may be within one another, but must always be fully within, or fully external to, each other. For example, you may surround a Circle with another Circle, you may put a Ward on a building that is fully within a Circle, etc. Celestial and Earth spells may combine freely for these effects. Nothing may pass through the Wall once the Wall is cast, including spells, thrown gasses, weapons and creatures.

Air may pass through, but other gases may not. A gaze attack such as a Vampire Charm can be effective through a Wall, as will a Gypsy Curse. The wall will last for five days, but may be dropped by the caster at any time if he or she touches the phys rep and states “Wall down.” This statement is out-of-game, although any observers who hear the statement are aware that the Wall was dropped, and they might know who dropped it. The wall is also dropped if affected by a Dispel Magic.

“With eldritch Force I build a Wall.”
Out of Game Posts / Season 3 Event 6 Special Rules
« Last post by derekjones on October 17, 2017, 08:40:55 AM »
NERO Chronicles strives to make each and every Halloween event special and memorable in some way. The Halloween event for 2017 is no different. For this event we will be making some exceptions and changes to the NERO LARP Rules that we would normally use. These changes always reflect plot points found in game that are only meant to last for the duration of the Halloween event. The rules changes presented here are not meant to last beyond the Halloween event, though some repercussions from these changes may extend beyond the Halloween event.

Halloween events are known to be more stressful and far more deadly than usual. Please keep this in mind and have a great time at the event!

As always, if you have a concern about any of the things presented here I encourage you to contact me to begin a discussion. 


1. All player characters will enter game under a Curse of Transformation to Greater Undead. This will function like a level 7 transform and will prevent any current transform that the character may have from functioning. This Curse of Transformation may not be suppressed at will by the character.

1a. We will be assigning undead types randomly and notifying all preregistered players of their result by 10-20-2017. If you have special makeup issues like allergies, please let us know as soon as possible so we can take that into account for your Curse of Transformation. Walk-ins will be handled on a case by case basis.

1b. We ask that players provide their own makeup and costuming if possible. We understand if this is not financially feasible for everyone so just let us know if you will need to utilize NPC camp's makeup.

2. Expired tags of all types will be honored as LCO for this event only. For non-standard items, their effects will be determined by marshal interpretation, if applicable. Non-standard items need to be checked in.

2a. Some game actions will still require unrestricted and current tags in order to last beyond this event. Please see management if you have questions.

3. Magic from times past has reappeared within the Terran Valley. The following spells are valid and able to be memorized by anyone that meets the casting requirements (Can your character cast that level and school of magic?). Magic Key,  Greater Bless, Greater Shield, Suppress Magic, Heal/Harm, Doom, Wizard's Lock, Wall of Force. A separate posting will be made to define these spells.

3a. A target affected by the spell Imprison will be able to be moved/carried by an outside force and will last 1 hour. Circle of power will last 1 hour and is required for the casting of Formal Magic.

4. Activation of items will not require saying the full incant of the spell. You must still announce the amount of damage/healing done at the end of the activation. For example a Flame Bolt item only requires "Activate Flame Bolt 40", a Web item only requires "Activate Web".

5. Spells will remain under memorization rules.
Out of Game Posts / Halloween Event Menu
« Last post by derekjones on October 16, 2017, 02:58:08 PM »
Pancakes & Sausage

Tin Foil Beef Stew

Open face Hot Beef Sandwich

Beef N Noodles
Hot Dogs
Nachos and Stuff!
Snack Cakes
Mtn Dew
Dr. Pepper
Fruit Punch
Out of Game Posts / Re: Weapon Construction Question
« Last post by Riedl on October 01, 2017, 09:23:27 AM »
Interesting ideas AHCampbell. Did you end up making those weapons?
Event Teasers! / Season 3 Event 5
« Last post by derekjones on September 15, 2017, 10:14:13 AM »
A sudden silence falls across the rotting forest as River That Flows True steps onto the corrupted ground of the Southwood.

Centuries have passed since his grandfather fled these very woods. A slight tremble is felt under River's foot, the Earth beneath him stirs and ancient memories return to the corrupted horrors buried deep within the soil.

River reaches into his pack and withdraws a handful of purified salt. Carefully, he sprinkles the salt in front of him in a wide arc while beginning to chant a song tough to him by his grandfather. The soil before him recoils from the harsh touch of the salt and an ill breeze sweeps across the ritual, attempting to disperse the salt and disrupt the proceedings.

Ignoring the attempted distractions of the land before him, River once again reaches into his pack and withdraws a handful of herbs; fresh clover and moss still wet with this mornings dew. River tosses the mixture to the ground and raises the tempo of his song.

He has their attention now; dozens of eyes, each burning red from madness and hatred appear in darkness of the black forest.

For the third time, River reaches into his pack. This time he withdraws a bundle of sage wrapped carefully in thin, twisting vines. River waves a hand over the bundle and a brief spark ignites the sage causing it to smoulder and smoke.

The cursed creatures of the Southwood howl and gibber in rage, they pound and claw at the foul earth beneath them. The wind gusts from beyond the forest, towards River, carrying a foul miasma to choke the cleansing smoke of the burning sage.

The monsters cannot hold back their rage any longer now. First one, then another, and then a dozen mangy and muscled forms burst from a wall of thorny vines. Werewolves with twisted forms and slobbering maws of razor sharp teeth rush at the lone Barbarian as he changes his song into a deep and haunting dirge that speaks of honor, sadness, and death.

In the few seconds available to him before being mauled to death, River transforms. Thick, bristling fur erupts from his body as thousands of pounds of muscle is layered onto his thickening frame. River's ancestors had blessed his family by joining their lineage with that of their spirit totem, the Great Bear.


"Yes, my Lord, I said that he has completed five of the thirteen tasks required to claim the Throne of the Innocent." said the Arch Wizard.

The man seated across the table from the standing Arch Wizard absentmindedly stroked his chin, deep in thought. Sparse light from the five glittering gemstones inset into his forehead danced across the table top before him. Silently, acts of history, myth, and lore played out in detail on the table as the light from the gems swirled and twisted to give life to the characters like a miniature play.

A miniature black robbed figure, much like his master, dashed about and battled other cloaked wizards, then the figure played out searching the deepest tunnels of ancient Tyrra. The image of the wizard then enacted battling dragon after dragon, collecting power as it went. At last, the image played out the final betrayal; the dagger in the back that ended the wizard's reign of terror.

After a bit of watching the scenes play through, leaving the Arch Wizard in an uncomfortable silence, the seated Lord spoke.

"Fetch the scribe, Reginold, we will require the assistance of some adventurers to fetch some captive Lords for us. Beloc is already far too dangerous to allow him to continue his plans."

"Yes, My Lord." replied Arch Wizard Reginold as he turned and left the room.
NERO Chronicles allows characters under 114 total build points to spend up to 114 build points to buy skills for use during the event. The extended skills should be written on the official character sheet generated from the NERO LARP Online Database. These skills and build points are not permanent and are only for use at NERO Chronicles, and for that event only.

The character's body point total will be equivalent to the level that the character has spent their extra build up to, taking into account the character's class.

While under 114 build, the player may opt to change the character's race, class, and/or skills at the 6PM logistic reset. All such changes must be approved by a Plot Marshal and be noted on their official character sheet.
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