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Event Teasers! / Re: Season 4 Event 5 Teasers
« Last post by derekjones on June 27, 2018, 03:27:36 pm »
A grotesque green light emanates from the three massive ziggurats that are half buried in the sands of the Emerald Desert. A closer look reveals the ghostly forms of thousands of spirits being pulled into the rune etched structures against their will. In the center of the three ziggurats a broad circular pad of sandstone has been laid and carefully inscribed with strange markings not of this world. Nine figures, each wearing a different colored robe also marked with similar symbols work diligently with the powerful magic that has been summoned to this place.

"Master, we offer these meager life forces to you. Know that your children have not forgotten. Know that we will bring you out of your suffering so that you may wreak vengeance upon your enemies. Your children do this for you! Please Master, we beg you to show us a sign that you still live!" Shouts the figure in the red robe.

Several seconds pass before the rumbling of the Earth can be heard above the wailing of the dying spirits and the screaming pleas of reverence from the gathered wizards. Suddenly the sandstone platform cracks, throwing the wizards into the emerald colored sands around the ritual. A thick white smoke pours forth through the cracks in the sandstone platform; the white cloud swirls before the wizards as they stand and give thanks to the horror buried in the sand below.

"The Master lives!" Announces the red robed wizard. The wizard throws his arms up in celebration before realizing that the swirling cloud has begun to envelope him. The wizard's purple eyes turn black as pitch as the white cloud flows into his mouth completely.

The gathered wizards look on in wonder as the wizard bearing the red robes reaches out towards the others. A groaning voice, struggling to be heard over the screams of the dead, speaks to the gathering.

"We must feed." Says the groaning voice.

The red robed wizard lurches forward, and spews the white cloud from his body. The mass of white fumes contracts until it resembles the shape of a Human. The gathered wizards strike out at one, each casting their most powerful spells into the body of the humanoid cloud before them.

Each eldritch spell silently passes into the cloud harmlessly, seemingly without effect.

"Yes, more magic. We must feed!" Whispers the creature. Slowly, the humanoid form blurs and then splits into two identical white creatures.

"More magic!" Both creatures demand.

The red robed wizard points to the West. "There, all the magic you desire can be found there!"   

Event Teasers! / Re: Season 4 Event 5 Teasers
« Last post by derekjones on June 27, 2018, 03:27:15 pm »
The red scaled Draconnis crouched low in the brush as she watched the Humans struggle to pull the huge log upright. The pulley system the Humans had built for the task of lifting the massive logs was doing the work of ten men, but there were few of the workers available to this task and the Humans struggled to put the current log that they were working on into place.

Scarlett simply nodded to herself, this was good. The Humans appeared to be short on labor, and those that they had were poorly skilled at it. These were soldiers trained for battle, not for building.

Suddenly, a loud voice called out to the workers. "We need that wall up in two days! Break your backs if you have to!" It was the female again, barking orders at the soldiers as if she were training new recruits. The woman wore chain armor and always had a hand on the long sword at her hip.

The soldier woman turned sharply, someone had called her name, Scarlett guessed. A man dressed in battle-worn armor approached the soldier woman and held out a bundle for the woman to inspect. Scarlett could see the man's lips mouth the words. "Here are the rest of them." But the soldier woman had her back to Scarlett now, and the Draconnis could not see or hear her reply.

The man with the bundle nodded to the soldier woman and walked to a nearby barrel of burning refuse where he tossed in the bundle into the barrel. A long cloth tabard fell short, and only half landed within the burn barrel. Half of the tabbard, the half bearing the markings of a field of red and a white stag, landed flat against the barrel before the man lifted it with a nearby stick and tossed it into the fire as well.
Event Teasers! / Season 4 Event 5 Teasers
« Last post by derekjones on June 27, 2018, 03:26:58 pm »
Sir Gavin Whitemoon stood in front of the grainery door. Faint frown lines were the only markings of an expression upon his otherwise ageless face. The Elven Knight held his breath and reluctantly pulled open the latch of the storage room. The door swung open wide and allowed the light of Sir Whitemoon's Illumination spell to wash over the contents of the room.

A putrid stench washed over both the Knight, and the Squire that stood next to him. The Squire had not been prepared for the nauseating mixture of rotting grain and decayed meat. The Squire quickly turned away from the open door and spilled his dinner upon the dirt floor.

"Mark this one down as well, Roderick." said Sir Whitemoon in a flat tone.

"What's that?" Asked the grainery foreman. "What do you mean? We just opened this one up yesterday for filling!" The foreman worked his way next to the Knight and peered inside the store room.

"Bah!" Cried the foreman when the stench reached his nose. "What's all this then?" He waved his hands erratically, nearly smacking Sir Whitemoon in the process.

"The grain has gone bad, molded overnight. The rats came out to eat the grain and were killed by the tainted grain as it spoiled in their bellies. The carcass' of the rats then began to putrefy as well." The Knight responded to the foreman's questions.

"What could cause this?" Demanded the foreman. "Are we cursed, Sir Whitemoon?" The foreman looked around, apparently terrified that some twisted ghoul would come screaming at them from beyond the darkness.

"Probably." Replied the Knight, then he added. "Come Roderick, I'm sure Marcus here has enough cleaning to do here without you adding to it." He then turned and left the foreman standing in the dark.

Squire Roderick Bowman wiped his mouth with the rag he had begun to carry with him ever since Sir Whitemoon had been ordered to investigate the rash of spoiling food stores in the valley. "Yes, Sir Whitemoon!" Called out Roderick as he took off after the safety of the Illumination spell. 
Out of Game Posts / Re: Travelling Player
« Last post by derekjones on June 05, 2018, 02:35:33 pm »
Hi Shane!

We use the 9th edition of the NERO LARP Rules and supplements provided by Joe Valenti and NERO LARP!

We use the standard NERO currencies silver, gold, platinum as well as the National Evaluate Item system that I believe is based on the NERO Atlanta system. We are also users of the Evendarr Bank System  ;D . We do not have any local type currencies such as NERO Empire uses for example.

The in game location is called The Terran Valley, this refers to the in game land area that is located centrally on the continent of Avalon. The Kingdom of the Terran Valley is the local ruling body, such as it is. The kingdom here is not a signatory to the Avalon Accords, though they do know of Evendarr. The structure is feudal in nature with lords, knights, barons, counts, dukes, and a king though it may not be as organized due to the struggles that the area has been under for a few decades now.

Feel free to post in game letters here on the forums, and feel free to join our chapter discord server as well in order to chat with us in and out of game. discord server
Out of Game Posts / Travelling Player
« Last post by Shane Wiley on June 05, 2018, 02:15:48 pm »
Hello NERO Chronicles!

I was planning on attending the event at the end of this month, you guys are only a 10 hour drive from Atlanta so I thought it'd be fun. I wanted to ask some stuff out of game before I start planning/posting.

Whats the local coin you guys use? Same as most chapters or varied due to the difference in Kingdoms?

Standard 9th edition rules? It looks that way but want to confirm.

What's the In Game location in relation to other Kingdom of Evendarr chapters and how does the nobility structure differ at all?

I look forward to visiting and seeing what NERO Chronicles is all about! Thanks!
Out of Game Posts / Re: A note about events going forward. 6-3-2018
« Last post by derekjones on June 04, 2018, 09:16:49 am »
Volunteer cleaning positions will be awarded 100 goblin points, plus a baggie of loot (components, gold, production items).

All cleaning volunteers will be entered into a drawing that will be held post-event for a random one year magic item.
Out of Game Posts / A note about events going forward. 6-3-2018
« Last post by derekjones on June 04, 2018, 09:13:49 am »
OK folks, we need to have a serious discussion on trash and cleaning.

This last event was terrible for trash and cleanliness. It was so bad, that we are now on probation for renting the GSCI facilities. We are being charged additional deposit fees for cleaning up and if they need to follow up one of our events again, we will be banned.

I would say that the heat was a huge factor, but the truth is that we have had several complaints now from the camp people. It is not all about the packets.

We will be instituting some additional duties and volunteer positions in order to help keep the camp clean.

One of the my personal pet peeves is that I am not one of the first one site and those that are take liberties to move things around. This makes it especially difficult for me to ensure tables and things are put back as we found them. I also cannot note what is a mess when we arrived and what was created by the early arrivals. We will need to take pictures of the camp as it is when we arrived and when we leave to ensure compliance and a policy of "Leaving it better than we found it.". There will need to be a pre-event inspection of the buildings.

All cabins, the lodge, bathroom, NPC camp, the site, and kitchen areas will come with a checklist of cleaning duties. Assignments/volunteers will be set to be responsible for the cleanliness of these areas.

Cabins/Lofts: All persons staying in sleeping areas of the camp will be registered to that cabin/area. Checking out will require staff verification of cleanliness before the character can earn full max out. All persons in that cabin/area are responsible for each other.

Bathrooms: A volunteer is needed to check the bathrooms and maintain them. This volunteer will be assisted by a staff member. This volunteer qualifies for additional goblin point awards for their service.

Kitchen: A volunteer is needed to assist with clean up on the morning of the end of the event. Kitchen staff will assist the volunteer in cleaning up. This volunteer qualifies for additional goblin point awards for their service.

General Site Cleanup/Packet duty: Up to three volunteers are needed to make sure all buildings are empty of packets and that all areas of the site have been swept and cleaned of packets. These volunteers qualify for additional goblin point awards for their service.

NPC Camp Pack Up: Up to three volunteers are needed to make sure all buildings are empty of props and that all props are packed into containers, prepared for loading into the prop trailer. The volunteers are also required to ensure that NPC Camp is swept and that the area is restored to pre-event cleanliness. These volunteers qualify for additional goblin point awards for their service.

ALL areas of the site will need to be inspected and signed off on by me (Derek), before we can leave site. New event end times and a site wide wake up time will be instituted to help us get out of the site on time.

The chapter will be purchasing additional cleaning supplies, you are not expected to supply your own cleaning supplies.

To summarize, all areas are being issued a cleaning check list. If you are sleeping in that area, your ability to attend future events and your max out for that event depends on you making sure staff signs off on your area being clean when you leave.

We have volunteer positions that need filled. These positions are responsible for ensuring that their areas are clean and verified by staff. These positions are awarded additional goblin points for their service.

Thank you all in advance for helping us with this very important task. Without your help, we will not be able to continue to put on weekend events.

See you next event!
Derek Jones
Out of Game Posts / Season 4 Event 5 Player Information
« Last post by derekjones on May 25, 2018, 11:05:42 am »
Welcome to NERO Chronicles!

We are a friendly group of role players that gather every so often to play out our dreams of high fantasy and adventure in a woodsy setting. We look forward to meeting new friends and joining them on their own mysteries and adventures as they are prepared and portrayed by the staff of NERO Chronicles.

These notes are presented to the players in order to communicate the out of game information about the event, the site, and how we at NERO Chronicles will be running the event. Should you need something, please contact one of our staff members, we are here to support your enjoyment of the game.

The Setting
The campaign setting that we are currently running is called The Terran Valley and it takes place in the city of Varos. The Terran Valley had been under the control of the ruthless creatures known as the Dark Ones for years. Within the last few years, many adventurers have returned to The Terran Valley and fought hard to defeat the vile Dark Ones and their Master, the dragon known as the Corrupted Silver.

The battle was not without cost, however. The Terran Valley still contains remnants of the Dark Ones and their allies as well as new threats that have surfaced since the fall of the Corrupted Silver. Recent events have left the veil between worlds in tatters, drawing in villains from the outer planes to the valley and enemies long ago forgotten have awakened with a vicious hunger.

The player characters enter the Terran Valley through the giant iron gates of the Kjeldor dwarves, located to the west of Varos; the rest of The Terran Valley sprawls to the East of Varos.

Checking In/Out
Please do not move into a building until a staff member has cleared it for occupancy. Pictures and notes of any pre-existing issues need to be made before anyone can move into a building.

When arriving, please park in rows along the left side of entrance to the site. From there, check in is located at the tavern/lodge building that is located a short walk down the main drive way. If you get lost, do not be afraid to ask anyone you see for directions. Bring your character sheet, production money, weapons, armor, any donations you are making,  and release forms in order to check in.

If you are joining us to NPC, you must still check in with logistics.

Checking out is also at the tavern/lodge. Place your character sheet and any max out/bank money in the envelopes provided and note the amounts you are banking/maxing out. Game off is at 3am Sunday.

Weapon Safety
All participants must complete a weapons safety orientation before entering game. This applies to NPCs, PCs, new players, and veterans. Please see a staff member for safety orientation.

Cars may drive along the main road past the parking area. There is a road that branches off to the left just past the little red shack that will take you to the sleeping areas. When you are done unloading, immediately move your cars back to the parking lot at the front of the site.

Sleeping Areas
The players have access to sleep in the tavern/lodge (in the upper loft areas, 20 people), and the 6 cabins (each cabin sleeps ~10-12). The cabins are not insulated, or heated. Tent camping is also allowed (please see a staff member for a tent site location). Bathrooms and showers are provided in the tavern/lodge building.

The in game tavern, called The Leaky Goblet, is located in the large building that is the tavern/lodge. Food and drink is available in the tavern/lodge. Cleaning up after yourself is mandatory! Please stay in game while visiting the tavern, the kitchen and bathrooms are OOG for health and safety reasons. If you bring food that needs prepared, please see the kitchen staff for assistance.

Cooking out is permitted as long as the cooking fire is not left unattended and still burning. No combat can occur within 20 feet of any cooking area. Keeping your camping area and cooking area clean is mandatory, so please bring your own trash bags.

Game On
We will hold an opening ceremony at 10pm, in the tavern/lodge, to clarify some RP and rules for the players. Everyone on site is to attend the Opening Ceremony. Once it is finished, Game On will occur 10 minutes afterwards.

Cleaning Up
A list of areas that need cleaned is available at logistics. Your cabin/sleeping area is required to be clean in order for you to earn XP from the event. It is a requirement of event attendance. A staff member will need to sign off on your character sheet that your area is clean.

Volunteers to help clean general areas such as the lodge, kitchen, bathrooms, and NPC camp can ear extra goblin points and other rewards for helping us keep the camp clean.

Please do not throw broken components and ripped tags on the ground. Dispose of them properly, or hand them to an NPC/Marshal.

Skill Tracking
We require that players track their skill usage physically, on paper is the preferred method. We have battle boards available for download and printing for you to use. You may also use your character sheet if it is easier for you. You must show your skill tracking sheet to a marshal upon request.

Please be aware of your surroundings at all times.

No swimming.

This is a light touch game. Please use weapon swings that tap the target.

"HOLD" is used for safety. Freeze in place until the situation is resolved.

Use good sportsmanship, and have fun.

Smoking is permitted only in the parking lot. Absolutely no smoking indoors! Vaporizers are permitted outside of buildings. Please keep the devices discreet.

Role Playing
This is a role playing game. Please leave out of game conversation in the parking lot, well away from other players.

There are module cards and hidden treasure out in the woods. You are welcome to go hunting as soon as game begins!

Seriously, stay in character.

If you need to ask about rules, please step to the side and discuss it quietly.

Wear a white headband if you are out of game!

Staff and Marshals
  • Logistics: Tyson Campbell, Derek Jones
  • Plot Marshals:Derek Jones, Tyson Campbell, Justin Doyle, Josh Williams
  • Ritual Marshals: Derek Jones, Tyson Campbell, Justin Doyle, Josh Williams
  • Rogue Marshals:Derek Jones, Tyson Campbell, Justin Doyle, Josh Williams
  • Combat Training, Weapons and Armor: Derek Jones, Tyson Campbell, Justin Doyle, Josh Williams
  • Medical: Derek Jones, James Mullen
  • Tavern: John Bigger
Event Teasers! / Re: Season 4 Event 4 Teasers
« Last post by derekjones on May 24, 2018, 02:34:19 pm »
The Moon shines a brilliant silver in the night sky, the celestial body gleaming just past the first quarter phase. A red blemish upon the Moon's side oozes a faint wisp of sanguine light that fades into sparkling twinkles as if falls away.

Far below, the floating island of Elimar casts its dark shadow over the Southwood Forest of the Terran Valley. The forest below impossibly dwarfs the island in size, perhaps a tick of light and shadow playing upon the blooming branches of Spring.

Deep within the section of the Southwood known as Nightmare Hollow, a bonfire burns bright against the night sky and a greasy smoke as thick as pitch flows around the gathered Dark Fey. The black curtain of choking smoke parts as two large Orcs drag the limp body of a Barbarian man to the edge of the gathering.

"Dark Lady!" Snorts one of the large Orcs. "Dis guy is de one killin da wolves out of da Cursed Den. What do ya want us ta do wit him?"

The Dark Lady of Elimar turns away from her conversation with the Goblin King, Jarneth, as she studies the body of the Barbarian intently. The Dark Lady's lips curl into a snarl as she strides toward the Orcs. Jarneth simply adjusts the gleaming mirror-like crown upon his head. Tendrils of white smoke drift from the places where the Goblin King's skin touches the crown, but if the Goblin noticed the burns his face did not show it.

"Who is this?" Asks the Dark Lady. She reaches for the scepter at her side and uses it to lift the head of the Barbarian in order to get a better view of his face.

"Ha!" Shouts Jarneth. "I know that one. That's the Were Bear from Thistlewood!"

Jarneth seems excited now and rushes over to stand beside Lady Validoris. The Goblin King pokes a cooked finger into the swollen shut eye of the Barbarian, eliciting a pained moan from the man. Jarneth crouches down to stare into the face of the battered warrior.

"I think his name is Brook, or something." The Goblin leans in close and licks the blood matted hair of the Barbarian.

"Yes, this one has strong magic. Very delicious!" Cackles Jarneth as he stands and begins to dance around the Orcs.

"This one works with the young dragon! Her smell is still on him!" The Goblin King begins to sing an old children's lullaby as he taunts the broken Barbarian.

"The young dragon, you say?" Coos the Dark Lady. Her snarl turns into a vicious grin as she makes petting motions on the golden scepter in her hand, treating the scepter much like a favored child.

The Dark Lady whispers to herself. "Well then, this Brook and I simply must have a discussion on where we can find the lost child." She then turns her gaze towards the Orcs who are still holding the Barbarian.

"Take him to the Black Grove." Commands the Dark Lady. "Let me see if I cannot make this one tell me about the child. If he will not talk, then let The Abyss have him!"

With a whooshing flare of her cloak, the Dark Lady turns and strides back to the bonfire. "More bodies! Do not let the fire die you morons!" She screams at the green scaled Draconnis.

The green Draconnis struggle to strip bloody armor from the bodies of the soldiers. Once the armor has been removed it is thrown into a nearby wagon for transport to the smiths.

The Dark Lady raises her eyes to the bleeding Moon that still shines among the stars. "I see you watching, "Great Mother"! You cannot hide from me forever! First, I will find your your children, then I will come for you! Arcadia will sing my praises and open its gates to me once more! You cannot seal us away forever, for we are eternal!" Lady Validoris screams her promise into the stars as she cackles maniacally. 
Out of Game Posts / Heat Index Policy in Effect! 5-25-18
« Last post by derekjones on May 23, 2018, 08:23:15 pm »
NERO is a physical activity where combatants can be vigorous and energetic for hours. It is extremely important to remember that Heat Exhaustion and Heat Stroke are dangers that are ever present. We make every attempt to provide drinking water to all participants, and encourage all participants to drink water to replenish fluids lost while sweating. Heavy and thick costuming can exacerbate issues with dehydration that lead to Heat Exhaustion and Heat Stroke.

The safety of our players takes precedence over all other considerations, this includes costuming and makeup requirements during hot weather.

Armor, and costuming requirements will be relaxed when the day's Heat Index as calculated by NOAA reaches above 85 degrees Fahrenheit. This is known as using Summer Armor Rules.

When Summer Armor rules are in effect, participants are not required to actually wear their armor phys reps to gain the armor points benefit. As long as the participant has the tag for the armor on their person, and has access to the armor rep (in their cabin/sleeping area), the participant may play as if they were wearing the armor. Participants must still role play refitting the armor, and are considered to be wearing the armor in all other ways. The armor tag represents the armor, and provides proof of armor points.

Costuming and makeup requirements will be relaxed when the Heat index is above 85 degrees. Participants that wear heavy costuming are recommended to layer-down for safety, and participants that play makeup heavy races are recommended to only apply an outline of makeup in order to leave the pores open and accessible to air.

Participants are responsible for judging their own health, and tolerance for heat. Staff will remove any participant from play that appears to be suffering from Heat Exhaustion or Heat Stroke.
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