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Out of Game Posts / Heat Index Policy in Effect! 5-25-18
« Last post by derekjones on May 23, 2018, 08:23:15 pm »
NERO is a physical activity where combatants can be vigorous and energetic for hours. It is extremely important to remember that Heat Exhaustion and Heat Stroke are dangers that are ever present. We make every attempt to provide drinking water to all participants, and encourage all participants to drink water to replenish fluids lost while sweating. Heavy and thick costuming can exacerbate issues with dehydration that lead to Heat Exhaustion and Heat Stroke.

The safety of our players takes precedence over all other considerations, this includes costuming and makeup requirements during hot weather.

Armor, and costuming requirements will be relaxed when the day's Heat Index as calculated by NOAA reaches above 85 degrees Fahrenheit. This is known as using Summer Armor Rules.

When Summer Armor rules are in effect, participants are not required to actually wear their armor phys reps to gain the armor points benefit. As long as the participant has the tag for the armor on their person, and has access to the armor rep (in their cabin/sleeping area), the participant may play as if they were wearing the armor. Participants must still role play refitting the armor, and are considered to be wearing the armor in all other ways. The armor tag represents the armor, and provides proof of armor points.

Costuming and makeup requirements will be relaxed when the Heat index is above 85 degrees. Participants that wear heavy costuming are recommended to layer-down for safety, and participants that play makeup heavy races are recommended to only apply an outline of makeup in order to leave the pores open and accessible to air.

Participants are responsible for judging their own health, and tolerance for heat. Staff will remove any participant from play that appears to be suffering from Heat Exhaustion or Heat Stroke.
Event Teasers! / Re: Season 4 Event 4 Teasers
« Last post by derekjones on May 23, 2018, 08:02:22 pm »
Long ago existed the Barony of Ostrad, this was a small barony in a small kingdom known as Ahnkelor. The Baron of Ostrad belonged to a well considered family that had become ingratiated to the good king of Ahnkelor through decades of good service to the kingdom.

It was during a fox hunt in the Old Wood that the Baron of Ostrad came upon the woman that he would eventually make his wife and mother to his five children. Together the Lord and Lady of Ostrad guided the people of the barony to peace and good fortune.

The good Baron of Ostrad was known to be an enthusiastic hunter and gamesman of some skill in sports and chance. Indeed, many of the taverns of Ostrad had become frequent hosts to the Baron's extravagant parties where the coin flowed as well as the drink.

It was many years later, when young Malice Delon was but of the tender age of eight, that the barony began to suffer from the excesses of the good Baron. For several seasons the people endured the continuous raising of the barony taxes. Then, it was noted in a small local newsletter that a significant number of homes had been seized for past due taxes and sold for an outrageously small value to a wealthy owner of several of the barony's gaming establishments. The Barony of Ostrad fell into discontent.

Rumors began to follow the Baron with him during his gambling ventures that he had become addicted to the tables as well as the spiked drinks that these unsavory establishments served. While Baron Delon chuckled at these whispered rumors and denied their value, the good Baron would suffer no ill begotten word spoken about his beloved wife and children. Many drunkards would find themselves in the stocks, or worse, come the morning sun if they spoke a joke too loudly at the expense of the Lady Delon.

The barony continued to suffer more and more as corruption blossomed within the guard, the mercantile, and even the lowly laborers that made up the root of the barony. Eventually, the debts of the barony became such that the Baron Delon himself was caught in the middle of the night breaking into a moneylender's business, attempting to secure a payment due for his gambling debts. The Baron, desperate for the money and delirious from withdrawal, slayed the shop keeper's family before being apprehended by the city guard.

Through a series of investigations (by people indebted to the Baron, mind you) it was determined that the barony's treasury had been soaked clean, and much of the family wealth had been pawned off long ago. The list of debtors, nefarious and otherwise, was conveniently destroyed during a break-in of the kingdom investigator's office which had been based in one of the upper rooms of Delon Castle. It was during this break-in that the Lady Delon and the three youngest of the five children were killed in the fire that occurred.

Disgraced, widowed, and broken the Baron of Ostrad was stripped of his title and lands by the king, and sentenced to death by exsanguination. For three days and nights, Edmund Delon was hung upside down from a pole in the courtyard of Castle Ostrad. Each morning a member of the Earth Guild would come to the pole and reopen the clotted wounds upon the body of the ex-Baron. The people of Ostrad would come to the spectacle and smear the hanging man with refuse and sewage.

On the third night, the body mysteriously vanished.
Event Teasers! / Season 4 Event 4 Teasers
« Last post by derekjones on May 23, 2018, 08:01:48 pm »
Long ago, in a vast caldera, the brooding nest of the great silver dragons lay open to the sky. For certain, hundreds of warding spells protected the prized nest from scavengers and foes of the great dragons. It was also well hidden from all but the most powerful of creatures through cunning illusions and glamour. Yet, in the moonless darkness, a small Elven form moved from rocky outcropping to rocky outcropping. With all the stealth he could muster, Selesthiel slid quickly between the shadows searching for the target of his mission.

The Master's enchantments would protect him from the wards placed upon the eggs. The wards were, after all, the creation of the Master. The thought of bypassing the wards was not nearly as comforting as it should have been for Selesthiel. The wards were the least of the protections guarding the dragon eggs. If Mezzylnoth caught him in her nest, it would not matter how many protections that the Master placed upon Selesthiel, the mother dragon would eviscerate him and torture his spirit for eternity. The thought of the consequences for this evenings mission made his heart leap.

Finally, Selesthiel found the clutch of eggs. There were several eggs in the clutch, each a different color and each color separated from the others by mounds of soft moss and great feathers of giant gryphons. Selesthiel eyed each egg that he found carefully, searching for a specific color.

There! Just to the outer most section of the nest was the egg he was sent to find. Selesthiel cautiously crept through the nest, the magical protections would keep him safe from the wards of the nest, but if the mother dragon spotted him or sensed him, he would be doomed.

Selesthiel reached the egg and moved aside the mossy covering so that he could see the entire thing. Its shell glinted a metallic gold even in the faint light of the Elf's illuminating spell. Wait, what was this? Surprised, Selesthiel continued to move aside the moss and down covering to reveal a second golden egg. Two gold eggs? Selesthiel was confused now, the Master had sent him to find the gold egg in the nest. Was the Master even aware of the second egg? Probably not, thought Selesthiel, the Master would certainly have told him of the second egg and would have had Selesthiel bring another worm to deal with it as well.

Perplexed with this new information, Selesthiel simply shrugged and dug out the amber container that he had stashed away in his pack. The master had sent him on this mission because of its importance, and Selesthiel was not going to be one that disappointed the Master. Selesthiel held up the amber container to check the container's contents. The distorted thin black shape of the worm inside wriggled eagerly as if it could sense the egg nearby. Maybe it could, thought Selesthiel. 

The Elf carefully placed the amber container against the closest golden egg, and then reached into his cloak for a blackened dagger that he had sheathed against his torso. Selesthiel then tapped the amber container swiftly and firmly, cracking the amber and releasing the worm onto the surface of the golden egg. The worm wriggled excitedly and dove what Selesthiel assumed to be its head onto the surface of the egg. The process took longer than Selesthiel though it would, but the deed had been done. The worm had successfully tunneled its way into the egg and then after another few minutes the egg first shifted into a black and shadowy egg-like shape before shifting back into the golden shape of its original form.

Selesthiel waited another agonizing few minutes before deciding that he had waited long enough. The Elf merely glanced at the second golden egg and whispered "Today is your lucky day." before he turned his back and retreated into the nest once again.
Out of Game Posts / Camp Peairs Map!
« Last post by derekjones on May 16, 2018, 09:39:03 am »
Maps for Camp Peairs.
Out of Game Posts / Smileys
« Last post by derekjones on April 12, 2018, 03:09:46 pm »

I finally noticed that the Smileys were broken and fixed them.
Event Teasers! / Season 4 Event 3
« Last post by derekjones on April 11, 2018, 08:59:21 am »
"They have abandoned you." Snarl's Jarneth. The Arcane Goblin flashes his wickedly crooked teeth  at the pale young woman riding astride the Nightmare at his side. "You promised them aid, and when they saw what you truly are they turned on you as quick as can be!" Jarneth laughs. "I told you that they have no scruples." The goblin childes. "The may be corrupted, and they may not have scruples, but they sure do cling to that bit about necromancy!" Jarneth begins laughing so hard that he nearly falls from his own mount.

Lady Validoris looks at the Arcane Goblin with disgust. "They are fools, still naive about the ways of the world after a myriad of years. They lack the conviction to use all of the tools provided to them in order to save their own black skins!" The pale lady gives a sly look to the arcane goblin.

"They were not fool enough to believe that you would truly help them bring Felistrahn back to the valley." Jarneth points out. "Personally, I think it was the scepter." The arcane goblin points a wart covered finger to the golden glowing scepter attached to Lady Validoris' waist. "What fool would allow you to get close to their draconic master while you have that thing?"

Lady Validoris smirks "I did tell you about that adventurer, didn't I?"

Jarneth scoffs. "Adventurers are another matter entirely! Adventurers are so short sighted, always grasping for brief moments of power without ever considering the long term consequences. Adventurers, bah!" Jarneth spits a black wad of mucus upon the ground.

Lady Validoris stiffens and forces her gaze away from the stomach turning display. "Yes, yes Your Majesty. However, they do make fine tools and are great fun to manipulate. I pity the Fae that can resist playing with the food before tasting the sweetness of their essence. The richness of their strong spirits sends such delightful tingles through my body. To think that you have had all of the Terran Valley as your playground, and all you chose to do was sulk in your forest. Why, it's a wonder that you've survived for as long as you have. In my day, the Folk would have gone mad with hunger and had you up on a silver pike." Lady Validoris' words fade away at that last thought before she turns to the arcane goblin and asks. "How have the Folk of the Wood been surviving all these years without the mortals for food?"

"We've been busy." Jarneth growls, putting off the question.

Lady Validoris regards the goblin thoughtfully and then seems to dismiss the matter for now before returning to her riding position. "Of course, how could I have not seen it. The great civilization built by the mighty Goblin King Jarneth Dawnbreaker!" The pale lady mocks in a cracking high pitched voice.

"Look, you hag!" Bursts out Jarneth. "Chydrontyss tortured my people for millennia! Great favors were traded and bargains made before the Dragon Slayer was successful in bringing her down! It's taken this long just to get back to where we are now! It won't be long before I have her child under heel where I can listen to her screams of agony as I drain her of her essence slowly." The Arcane Goblin cackles to himself.

Lady Validoris rolls her eyes at the goblin king. "That child is well protected. She is beyond your reach for now. You would do well to keep your focus on the here and now, Your Majesty. First, the Dream will entrap those that tap the Ley magic, putting them under our power. We then secure the Moth'Hadar home and add their strength to our own. Using the power of the Wild we will regrow the Great Forest, destroy those cursed Dragons, bring your vengeance to the Elements, and use the accumulated strength to reopen the locked paths to the lands of Arcadia. We will return home triumphant!" The pale lady's voice nears a high pitched screech as she screams the last words.

Jarneth sits back in his saddle, his eyes gleaming with desire. "Yes, My Lady. We shall all have what we desire. The time has come for the Aos Sí to have its vengeance!" King Jarneth Dawnbreaker shouts the words into the skies. Lightning dances across the clouds, highlighting the broad wings of the legion of Drakes flying above. The columns of Trolls, Giants, Draconnis, Beasts, and the various Fae Folk of legend march, organized into the mightiest army ever assembled within the Terran Valley. A mighty rallying cry rolls through the army as it marches to the outskirts of the Southwood.
Out of Game Posts / Season 4 Event 2 Food Menu
« Last post by derekjones on March 29, 2018, 11:18:44 am »
Help us save time and keep your money safe by trading your cash for a meal card!
Meal cards can carry up to a $10 balance and are an easy way to purchase food and drink.
Trade back your meal card for the balance at the end of the event!

*Not responsible for lost or stolen meal cards. Please keep them safe and secure.

Ala Carte
Hot Dog - $.50
Pizza Pocket - $1.00
Soda Pop - $.50
Bottle Water - $.25
Tap Water - free
Fruit Punch - free

Pancakes and sausage - $1.50
Pancakes only - $1.00

Grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup - $2.50
Grilled Cheese - $1.00
Soup - $1.50

Spaghetti with meat sauce/garlic bread - $3.00
Spaghetti only - $2.00

Event Teasers! / Re: Season 4 Event 2
« Last post by derekjones on March 27, 2018, 02:01:07 pm »
Jarneth Dawnbreaker sits lazily upon his throne of gold. His black skin is mottled with scars and warts, giving him a weak and misshapen look. However, faint glowing blue streaks that accent his form hint at a power too strong to hide in the darkness of the subterranean. Jarneth's purple eyes dart back and forth as he looks for assassins (there are always assassins), amongst his people as they frolic, work, barter, and fight in the main room of his underground palace.

One of his lowly servants (Vyllyn was it?) has returned from the errand that Jarneth had ordered him to perform. The servant (Vyllyn?!) bows its head and prostrates itself on the packed earthen floor.

"Your Majesty, I have the essence from the ley line as you have ordered." The pitiful creature cries out in its guttural high pitched voice.

Jarneth sits upright upon his throne and reaches out to the barrel strapped to the back of the servant. "Was it not guarded? Did you have any trouble acquiring the substance?" Asks the King.

"No, Your Majesty." Answers the creature. "It was just as she described, and I did not linger long enough to anger the sleeping wards."

"Well done, er...Vyllyn." Nods the King. The little creature allows itself a smug smirk.

The main hall suddenly silences as two brutish giants emerge from the darkest shadows allowed by the softly glowing moss that lines the ceiling of the chamber. The giants move swiftly and with purpose, belying an intelligence not commonly known among the giant races of Tyrra. A lithe form follows the black skinned giants from out of the shadows; her features are sharp and elegant, marking her as one that comes from a noble lineage.

"Your Majesty, word has just reached me that you have gathered everything I require in order to carry out our plan." The woman's voice is sultry and promising, much like the glistening pale skin of hers that is revealed by too little clothing.

Jarneth narrows his eyes into slits so small that it makes his face pucker. "Lady Validoris! What a welcome surprise, I was just about to send word to you that I have fulfilled my side of the bargain!"

"Yes, yes I know that you were. I decided to save us both the trouble and have come for the essence myself." She cooed.

One of the black skinned giants steps forward and grabs the barrel on Vyllyn's back. The creature is still attached to the barrel by the harness so the giant begins to shake both the barrel, and creature, until the harness gives out and sends the creature tumbling into a nearby wall. The giant then resumes its position next to Validoris and waits patiently.

Taking his eyes off Validoris, Jarneth looks to be fully focused now. "Just how long will it be before the ley lines are all reattuned and we can start work on piercing the veil?"

"Patience, my little arcane goblin." Purred Validoris. "We need to first remove some obstacles and finish what your father started. Remember, Your Majesty?"

Jarneth's eyes move to an ancient hide stuck to the wall next to his throne. He had decided to remove the infuriating thing centuries ago, but every time his servants began to touch it Jarneth felt as if he was admitting defeat. So, he had always ordered that the old map of the valley stay on the wall as a reminder.

"Oh, yes." He breathed. "I remember."
Event Teasers! / Season 4 Event 2
« Last post by derekjones on March 27, 2018, 02:00:17 pm »
Far below the surface of the Terran Valley flows a foul river that has existed for what seems like an eternity. The flowing liquid has bored holes through stone and worn away subterranean mountains over eons. Black stalactites drip oozing muck from vaulted ceilings into the slow, grinding waters below.

From one of the old tunnels that open into a wider void, granting easy access to the underground river, climbs a dark figure possessing black and wart riddled skin stretched over spindly limbs. The lack of light poses no challenge to the narrow red glowing eyes of the creature as it nimbly navigates the rocky terrain and approaches the gooey river below.

The creature carefully dismounts the wooden barrel from the back harness that secures the container onto the creature's back. The dark creature mutters to itself as it lowers the edge of the barrel into the black murk of the river. The river itself begins to bubble and boil, releasing cries of anguish and moans of suffering into the small cavern. Slowly, the black liquid flows willingly into the barrel until the container is full of the foul juice.

Satisfied, the creature hefts the wooden barrel back into the harness and begins its climb back into the tunnels.
Out of Game Posts / Season 4 Event 2 Eggs!
« Last post by derekjones on March 22, 2018, 02:42:21 pm »
This event takes place over Easter AND Aprils Fool's Day!

Once again reports of strange eggs that are hidden in the woods are being reported from around Varos!

If you find an egg, you can open it, or not. If the egg opens in your possession, whatever is inside can affect you! Please do not touch the eggs if you are not willing to accept the good, or bad, that happens.

Pages are not allowed to open the eggs.

There are buyers in the area looking to purchased these magical eggs.
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