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Event Teasers! / Season 3 Event 6
« Last post by derekjones on October 17, 2017, 07:40:52 pm »
Near the town of Varos, there exists an ancient relic from the past. It is a massive structure, mostly underground, etched with arcane runes of warding, death, and chaos. It is known to many as The Mausoleum, for the only part of the structure visible from above ground resembles a rather large family crypt.

Since the return of the adventurers to the Terran Valley, a guard has been posted at the doors of The Mausoleum. This guardian is not one of the Varos Legion, nor is she one of the King's Golden Dragoons, this Knight is from The Mausoleum itself. Her armor is blackened and torn, rent in battles long forgotten. Her tabard is too faded and worn to determine her lineage. Her blade is jagged and massive, black blood clings like tar and seems to ooze from the dark metal itself. She stands in silent vigil in front of the warded doors of The Mausoleum.

As the hour passes Midnight, a golden glow surrounds both the Knight and The Mausoleum. The glow fades into tiny specs of magic that slowly dissipate into the brisk night air.

Since the new Master claimed the throne, a guard has been posted at the doors of The Mausoleum. This guardian is not one of the Hartsbury Vanguard, nor is he one of the King's Black Talons, this Knight is from The Mausoleum itself. His armor is blackened and torn, rent in battles long forgotten. His tabard is too faded and worn to determine his lineage. His shield is coated in the old blood of fallen foes, black tendrils cling like tar oozing from the dark metal itself. He stands in silent vigil barring access to the warded doors of The Mausoleum.

The sealed doors of The Mausoleum break ajar and open slowly, allowing the twisted form of the Master of The Mausoleum to pass. The Master's body is wrapped in tightly bound rags, yellow and green stains of putrescence betray the rotting flesh underneath. A black death shroud covers most of the bony protrusions from the shoulders and the ribs. The Master moves to stand next to the vigilant Knight, the chill air of death and fear that surrounds the Master at all times does not affect the Death Knight. The Knight barely seems to acknowledge the Arch Lich at all.

The Master raises his head, putrefying flesh and all, at the sound of a horse approaching from the night darkened road. The rider and steed are quite dead; large wounds in their sides allow various organs to hang limply and jostle about as the horse gallops towards The Mausoleum. As the rider approaches closer to the Master, she brings her steed to a stop and salutes both the guardian and the Master. The Arch Lich waves to the undead rider and bids her closer so that she can clearly hear his instructions.

"Inform D'Tangier that I have secured The Mausoleum as planned. We will meet where The Green was slain to discuss how we should react to the revolt started by Selesthiel. I will need D'Tangier to convince the Siol Lear to accept my assistance in their war. The Siol Lear will not stand my presence for long I'm afraid. It is important that we meet to discuss more pressing matters as well." The Master calls out to the undead rider. "Tell him that I have finished the ritual, the adventurers have been empowered as well as I can manage."

The rider nods her head and replies "Yes, Master Talmoc." She then pulls hard on the old leather reins. The horse bellows a gurgled neigh and turns abruptly to speed off into the darkness of the night road.

The Master turns to the guardian and regards him with a single glowing green eye. "No visitors for now, I have to sort out their spirit bottles." The Master chuckles with a grating laugh and chokes a bit on the harshness of the sound. He was still not sure that the sacrifice was worth it.
Out of Game Posts / Re: Weapon Construction Question
« Last post by Riedl on October 01, 2017, 09:23:27 am »
Interesting ideas AHCampbell. Did you end up making those weapons?
Event Teasers! / Season 3 Event 5
« Last post by derekjones on September 15, 2017, 10:14:13 am »
A sudden silence falls across the rotting forest as River That Flows True steps onto the corrupted ground of the Southwood.

Centuries have passed since his grandfather fled these very woods. A slight tremble is felt under River's foot, the Earth beneath him stirs and ancient memories return to the corrupted horrors buried deep within the soil.

River reaches into his pack and withdraws a handful of purified salt. Carefully, he sprinkles the salt in front of him in a wide arc while beginning to chant a song tough to him by his grandfather. The soil before him recoils from the harsh touch of the salt and an ill breeze sweeps across the ritual, attempting to disperse the salt and disrupt the proceedings.

Ignoring the attempted distractions of the land before him, River once again reaches into his pack and withdraws a handful of herbs; fresh clover and moss still wet with this mornings dew. River tosses the mixture to the ground and raises the tempo of his song.

He has their attention now; dozens of eyes, each burning red from madness and hatred appear in darkness of the black forest.

For the third time, River reaches into his pack. This time he withdraws a bundle of sage wrapped carefully in thin, twisting vines. River waves a hand over the bundle and a brief spark ignites the sage causing it to smoulder and smoke.

The cursed creatures of the Southwood howl and gibber in rage, they pound and claw at the foul earth beneath them. The wind gusts from beyond the forest, towards River, carrying a foul miasma to choke the cleansing smoke of the burning sage.

The monsters cannot hold back their rage any longer now. First one, then another, and then a dozen mangy and muscled forms burst from a wall of thorny vines. Werewolves with twisted forms and slobbering maws of razor sharp teeth rush at the lone Barbarian as he changes his song into a deep and haunting dirge that speaks of honor, sadness, and death.

In the few seconds available to him before being mauled to death, River transforms. Thick, bristling fur erupts from his body as thousands of pounds of muscle is layered onto his thickening frame. River's ancestors had blessed his family by joining their lineage with that of their spirit totem, the Great Bear.


"Yes, my Lord, I said that he has completed five of the thirteen tasks required to claim the Throne of the Innocent." said the Arch Wizard.

The man seated across the table from the standing Arch Wizard absentmindedly stroked his chin, deep in thought. Sparse light from the five glittering gemstones inset into his forehead danced across the table top before him. Silently, acts of history, myth, and lore played out in detail on the table as the light from the gems swirled and twisted to give life to the characters like a miniature play.

A miniature black robbed figure, much like his master, dashed about and battled other cloaked wizards, then the figure played out searching the deepest tunnels of ancient Tyrra. The image of the wizard then enacted battling dragon after dragon, collecting power as it went. At last, the image played out the final betrayal; the dagger in the back that ended the wizard's reign of terror.

After a bit of watching the scenes play through, leaving the Arch Wizard in an uncomfortable silence, the seated Lord spoke.

"Fetch the scribe, Reginold, we will require the assistance of some adventurers to fetch some captive Lords for us. Beloc is already far too dangerous to allow him to continue his plans."

"Yes, My Lord." replied Arch Wizard Reginold as he turned and left the room.
Event Teasers! / Season 3 Event 4
« Last post by derekjones on August 16, 2017, 04:27:10 pm »
A hooded dark figure approaches Varos from the Eastern road. The guards of the Varos Legion barely register the appearance of the new arrival, the eccentricities of the adventurers are well known. Still, the dark figure carefully makes its way through the town and towards The Leaky Goblet.

The figure carefully makes its way around the outside of the tavern, to the rear of the building where it can perform its work undisturbed. From the folds of the cloak wrapped around him, Lorasup pulls a handful of tarnished jewelry and places it upon the ground. Next he opens a pouch at his hip and reaches into it, filling his fist with a fine powder of ground bone.

A passing guard can just barely make out thickly accented chanting coming from the poorly lit area behind the tavern. The guard's throat struggles to swallow the bile that suddenly leaps up from his stomach as he places his watch whistle between his lips and moves into the growing darkness to investigate.

A Gadabari, darkly dressed with black, empty eye sockets softly chants into the darkness while gesturing to a pile of gaudy old rings and necklaces. As the Gadabari's hands pass over the jewelry, wisps of glowing ethereal smoke drift over the pile. The guard's eyes go wide at the sight, this should not be happening! The Wizard's Guild prevents any unauthorized rituals from being performed, and here is this Gadabari performing a secret ritual hidden behind the tavern.

The guard inhales a deep breath and prepares to blow his watch whistle when Lorasup suddenly finishes his ritual. With frightening speed Lorasup flings his hand out at the guard and speaks the incantation for a silencing spell. Lorasup has no doubt that his first spell will be useless against the protections of a Varos Legion guard. Just as quickly as the first spell has left his hand, Lorasup launches another spell and yet another after that. Each spell creates a flash of light as the magical energy encounters the spell protections meant to keep the guard alive.

The fight is over sooner than Lorasup expects, the guard is unable to summon help before succumbing to Lorasup's magic. Lorasup's breath comes in wheezes and gasps as a result of the burst of energy he has just expended. The Gadabari chides himself silently for taking more than single breath. He no longer requires breath to live, but only to speak the incantations for magic. A soft light from behind him causes Lorasup to turn back towards the ritual area. He quickly reminds himself of his purpose for coming back to this place.

Floating not six feet away from Lorasup is the translucent ghost of his deceased wife. The diminutive ghost floats within the circle of binding that Lorasup has created, her eyes are alight with defiance and fury, but she makes no sounds, she cannot.

Lorasup smiles, showing his crooked broken teeth. He quickly reaches into another pouch at his side and retrieves the parchment stowed there. Carefully, and meticulously he reads the incantation written on the parchment. The ghost standing trapped before Lorasup begins to shake and scream silently in her own private hell.   
Event Teasers! / Season 3 Event 3
« Last post by derekjones on May 09, 2017, 10:52:26 am »
Hariko knelt in the thick brush allowing the foliage to disguise her form. If the undead detected her living essence, they did not reveal it. The disgusting monstrosities shambled back and forth as they had for the past several hours since Hariko took up this position to monitor the academy grounds.

The old academy had long since fallen to ruins, even the powerful enchantments on the buildings and fences surrounding the facility had faded decades ago. But still, the upper windows emitted a mysterious purple light that pulsed like that of a heartbeat.

The shambling corpses began to move more frantically, clearly excited about something. It took Hariko only a moment to see what the undead were worked up over. From the old entrance road that lead to the broken front gate of the academy, several larger figures were leading a line of smaller figures into the compound.

The larger figures were badly misshapen, hardly humanoid in appearance, but Hariko had spent long years in the Hatari underground and she recognized Yuan-ti when she saw them. The creatures were part snake, part man, very intelligent, and tremendously dangerous. The Yuan-ti rarely ever left their underground empire, this made Hariko very concerned and thoughtful.

The smaller figures were lined up in order and force marched into the grounds of the academy. Hariko studied the small frames and the lurching gate. From this distance she could not hear the rattling of chains, but she knew it was there. The small figures had been chained together at the waist and the feet and then forced to walk however far it was that they'd come to be here. Hariko then had to stifle an almost audible gasp as she realized why the figures were so small. They were children!

Hariko watched in silent horror as the children were marched past the open grounds and made to stand in line in front of the main building. The undead were frantic now, their broken and yellow teeth clacked in an echoing cadence across the compound. Still, the walking corpses did not advance on the Yuan-ti or the children.

The large iron doors of the main building creaked open, allowing a large armored man to step through. The plate mail was decorated with the runes and markings of a kingdom long dead. The eye slits of its helm contained the burning embers of hatred and evil that made up the creature's eyes. The thing strode forward and smoothly tossed a pouch into the air directly to one of the Yuan-ti.

"Take these to the girls dormitories. The professor will attend to them when he returns." Croaked the Death Knight.

"Yess, Lord Ravenssbane." Hissed the Yuan-ti. The monster motioned to its allies.

The children were pushed and lead past the main building, toward the smaller buildings in the rear of the compound. Hariko steeled her nerves and silently retreated through the brush. She needed to report this to her Watch Commander.
Out of Game Posts / Re: Weapon Construction Question
« Last post by AHCampbell on May 02, 2017, 12:24:01 pm »
Thanks.  Like I said, I didnt know how strictly I had to follow the weapon guidelines for shape.  All of this is of course assuming construction requirements are met.
Out of Game Posts / Re: Weapon Construction Question
« Last post by derekjones on May 02, 2017, 12:20:52 pm »
It really depends on what you have in mind. Weapons cannot be made to trap weapons, nor can weapons include parts that flex like ropes and chains.

A sickle like what you describe could be used to trap weapons, or it could be used like a kind of axe. The first is bad, but the latter use is fine.

A crossbow with a pistol grip would be fine.
Out of Game Posts / Weapon Construction Question
« Last post by AHCampbell on May 02, 2017, 11:36:13 am »
I am new, and was going to work on some weapons.  That being said, I was wondering about weapon shapes.  Are we required to use standard shapes for our weapons?  For example, could I make a sickle, and use it as a dagger, or make a crossbow that had a pistol grip?  Or am I required to use the default weapon shapes?  Wondering for both boffer and non-thrusting weapons.  Thanks.
Out of Game Posts / Re: About the New Player Mod on Friday Night
« Last post by derekjones on May 02, 2017, 08:08:02 am »
I take responsibility for the Death Knight. It was purely my idea as I felt the group was doing so well up to that point. I was pretty standard as a death knight, I was sure I would be spelled down.

This is also the first time we really held a new player mod, and we learned a lot from it on our end. I'd like to do another one next event.

I cannot say that it was a failure, it just was not as smooth as it could have been.
Out of Game Posts / Re: About the New Player Mod on Friday Night
« Last post by Joshua Williams on May 01, 2017, 10:11:29 pm »
Thank you for your understanding.
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