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Out of Game Posts / Re: Halloween Event
« Last post by Maison D'├ómes on October 13, 2015, 04:43:07 am »
Yeah I'd like some help picking one, for those of us who have no experience with ultimate cosmic power.
Although two stick out to me..
Out of Game Posts / Re: Halloween Event
« Last post by Shu on October 13, 2015, 03:28:41 am »
Ooooo. This seems fun. Would it be possible to get a brief summary of the transforms, or are you waiting to unveil it all in game?
Out of Game Posts / Halloween Event
« Last post by plotteam on October 12, 2015, 09:47:58 pm »
So, following our long tradition of Halloween events being somewhat different than our normal events. Everyone who pre-registers this event will be allowed to pick from the following list of transforms. However, if you do not pre-register you will be assigned one of the transforms upon receiving it at the event.

Characters will not have these transforms until an in game requirement is fulfilled, and even then they will not be up unless a plot member tells you that it is.

Elemental Knight (fighter)
(See Plot)

Elemental Lord (caster)
(See Plot)

Phoenix Knight (fighter)
Glowing white eyes, Red wings over eyes.

Phoenix Lord (caster)
Glowing white eyes, Red wings over eyes.

Pooka (fighter)
Animalist features depending on what animal they are trying to protray.

Kitsune (caster)
Fox makeup, two tails, white glowing eyes.

Sidhe (caster)
Elf ears, pronounced eye brows, glitter

Redcap (fighter)
Red hat, blood drips over face.

Dragon Knight (fighter)
(Color) Diamond on forehead.

Dragon Mage (caster)
(Color) Diamond on forehead.

Spirit Warrior (fighter)
Glowing white eyes, with nature runes.

Vital Spirit (caster)
Glowing white eyes, with nature runes.

Dryad (caster)
Leaves and vines in hair, patches of brown skin.

Treant (caster)
Leaves and vines in hair, brown skin.

Dragon Slayer (fighter)
No change

Eldritch Lord (caster)
Glowing blue eyes, arcane rune on forehead.

Eldtrich Knight (fighter)
Glowing blue eyes, arcane rune on forehead.

Blade Master (fighter)
No changes

War Dancer (fighter)
No changes

Muse (caster)
White glowing eyes. Musical notes on skin.

Juggernaught (fighter)
Rivited steel plated painted on skin. Red glowing eyes.
Event Teasers! / Re: Teasers for Halloween 2015!
« Last post by derekjones on October 12, 2015, 12:30:55 pm »
NERO Chronicles Teaser Halloween Part 3

A thick smoke lingers over the still smouldering battlefield. Broken trees and blackened earth mark where the explosions were the most powerful. Piles of ash and the occasional body litters the landscape. The figure of an Elf moves about the piles of ash and debris. Long, fiery wings, extend from the back of the Elf and flap. He moves swiftly across the cinders to another pile of ash. He bends down and scoops up a large handful of the ash and places it carefully into an empty pouch.

"Komorth, I have one last task for you." He says. A ghostly light floats from the remaining pile of ash that had been the Life Knight, Komorth. The Elf opens a large knapsack, embroidered with ancient rune of power. The glowing spirit of Komorth drifts softly into the sack, joining the dozens of other spirits already within the knapsack.

A shadow spreads menacingly across the field. The presence of his foe weighs heavily on the Elf.

"Give me the bag, Astywyn." The words roll out of the tentacle ringed mouth, a command that cannot be denied by many. The horror towers over the Elf, its humanoid shape is twisted at the limbs into massive tentacles. Its face is lined with golden runes etched into smooth ebony skin. Foul green light shines within the creatures eye sockets. The Dark One waits for some response from the Elf.

"No." Replies the Elf, a simple and defiant statement. The Elf turns his head from the pile of ashes at his feet, to look directly at the Dark One.

Great flaming wings erupt from the back of the Elf, his eyes flash white and suddenly a sword with a flaming blade slashes out at the Dark One. The blade strikes true at the chest of the black horror, but the magical blade has no effect.

"You're not welcome here, Selesthiel. You never were." Shouts the Elf as he slashes again and again at the Dark One. This time, Astywyn focuses his magic to force the Dark One from this plane. The black horror recoils at the flurry of spells, quickly raising his defenses. Too late, the Dark One recovers from the onslaught. His quarry is gone.

Selesthiel, the Lord of once pristine forest, stands among the defeated. His burning gaze flows over the ash of the fallen and the bodies of the slaughtered. Shadows like smoke roll across the battlefield to envelope the Lord. In but a moment, he is gone as well.


In another world, far from the Terran Valley, a Human man kneels upon the soft mossy ground. The forest is quiet, nothing lives here but the creatures called the Dark Ones.

The peaceful scene is disturbed by the arrival of a large flaming hawk, a phoenix. It lands gracefully near the Human and then begins to shape shift into an Elf with glowing white eyes.

"Hello, Astywyn. Do you have the spirits?" Asks the Human.

The Elf nods. "I do, Erren. Do you have the adventurers?"

"They will come." Erren replies. "These folk are not like the others. This plan is mine, it will not fail." Boasts the Human.

The Elf scowls at the Human. "Your plan depends an awful lot on Callie. She has gone through so much already."

"I know." The Human says, he looks down at the ground. "I have no right to ask this of her, but if the valley is to be free we will need her assistance."


In a small outpost, far away from the troubles of the Terran Valley. An Elf with white glowing eyes speaks to the assembled people. 

"Our home has fallen. My family and friends have been slaughtered by the creatures we call the Dark Ones. Once, their master was imprisoned in a place very much like Elimar has been, but he was released. The adventurers of the Terran Valley attempted to fight back and protect the people, but their hearts were weak with fear, and their minds were not clear." The Elf looks around at the people gathered before him.

"I have come here, to Elimar, to ask for your help. The last remnants of honor and decency are sacrificing themselves in order to protect the Emerald Jewel of the Terran Valley. The girl that escaped to these lands is the key to stopping these Dark Ones and their cruel master. My allies have given all they have, and all they are, to weaken the forces of the Dark Ones. They now have offered their very spiritual existence to assist you in freeing the Terran Valley." The Elf finishes with a grave look and drops the knapsack at his feet.

"Here are the last Heroes and Champions of the Terran Valley." The Elf says.

"I am seeking volunteers to accept and bind with these ancient powers. Together, it is our hope that you will be able to breech the darkness that holds the fallen Guardians of the Valley. There, you might be able to force them free from their eternal rest. Return them to the valley, join them together, empower them, and free us all." The Elf looks around at the stunned crowd.

"Are there any Heroes among you?" Tears can be seen streaming down the face of the Elf with glowing white eyes.
Event Teasers! / Re: Teasers for Halloween 2015!
« Last post by derekjones on October 05, 2015, 06:31:21 pm »
NERO Chronicles Teaser Halloween Part 2

A Sarr of the Shir clan stands before the desk of the Magistrate of Ilyra, his favorite table at The Pub.

"Scout Kerari Silvermane, My Lord." She says.

"Well, Scout Silvermane, where did he come from?" The Elven Magistrate nods his head at a table across the floor where a large man with glowing white eyes was busy talking to a rather perplexed retainer of House Magecia. The large man would take a few bites of food, then rant more gibberish at the poor mage.

"We were observing the ruins where the adventurers encountered the Dark Ones when several of the beasts ran from the entryway. A few seconds later, this man came staggering out of the entryway with three of those Dark Ones hanging off him. He made it clear of the entrance when a bunch of the beasts came out of the tunnel behind him and laid into him pretty hard. We thought he was dead for sure, but he kept casting spells. Well, My Lord, Scout Garrond could not let this man just die so he jumped into action to save him. When we moved in to engage the Dark Ones, they retreated in surprise. We took the advantage and got this man clear of the ruins and returned him to Ilyra." Scout Silvermane looks distressed at admitting one of her scouts had revealed them to the enemy.

"Dude!" Shouts the large man as he attempts to stand. He appears bent and heavily wounded, the skin of his face is loose and pale with the strain of effort. His voice emanates a cheer and vigor that belies the haggard and damage body he tries to move towards the Magistrates table.

With a great struggle, the man shuffles to the table of the Magistrate and gingerly sits down. He pauses for a few seconds, clearly suffering form a great deal of pain.

"Dude." The large man puffs. "Did you see a little girl come through here?"

"I'm sorry, who are you?" Asks the Magistrate.

"Oh, sorry man, but I gotta find this chick. I need her help something wicked, man. I lost CT, do you know CT, man?" The large man appears a bit confused.

"Hey, I'm not in the Terran Valley anymore, am I?" The man blinks his glowing white eyes and turns to the tavern keep. "Dude, those tacos were righteous! You got any cheeseburgers?" He shouts.

The large man turns back to the Magistrate and says "Seriously, dude, what is with this place? I totally feel like a I wiped out on the rocks." The large man then closes his eyes and falls to the floor. " I need that chick's help in saving the valley, man." He groans.

Both Scout Silvermane and the Magistrate look at the man as he slides out of the chair and onto the floor unconscious.

" he an elemental?" Asks Scout Silvermane.

"Yes, I am afraid he is." Confirms the Magistrate.
Event Teasers! / Re: October 10th, 2015 Mod Day
« Last post by derekjones on October 05, 2015, 03:04:43 pm »
The Module Day at Arkenshield will consist of several requests by Sir Frostwind to the adventurers that answer the call.

The adventurers will choose from a list of requests to complete.
The adventurers will then explore and solve each module.
At the end of each module, the adventurers will be paid by the quartermaster.
We will continue until all module are exhausted, or time runs out.
Players may count on one day of Craftsman Other, and Production, with all workshops available!
All skills and magic items will reset after each module (formal, cantrips, and per day skills).
Lunch will be at 1pm (ish). Dinner will be after the mods.
Bring makeup, costume, weapons, and a change of clothes for after, if you want to stay.
Event Teasers! / October 10th, 2015 Mod Day
« Last post by derekjones on October 05, 2015, 02:55:13 pm »
The Kingdom of Wyldemere lies outside of Shadowfall, to the Northwest of those lands. Wyldemere is a forest covered land ruled by the Lyntari Elven people. The land is heavily steeped in magic and natural affinities. Travel to Wyldemere is restricted, by invitation only. A guide escorts any guests and directs the guest to follow a strictly enforced itinerary while within Wyldemere's borders.

Oakendale is ancient, one of the oldest territories in all of Wyldemere. Words such as "Cursed" and "Tainted" are used by those that have had the misfortune to have traveled there. Indeed, something evil lurks within Oakendale.

On the Eastern edge of this cursed land lies the pass into the valley, and the Estate of Arkenshield. Arkenshield has guarded the entrance to the valley for nearly two hundred years. This small, but well known Manor is the home of the Frostwind family. It has long been the barrier that separates the good honest folk from the horrors that stalk the lands of Oakendale.

Several years ago, the estate was closed off to travelers and officials of Wyldemere alike. A contingent of Royal guards were stationed near the Manor house with orders to keep anyone from entering the estate and its grounds. Nearly all of the Frostwind family retreated within the grounds of their fortress and have not been heard from, or seen since.

Recently, whispers of the calamity that has befallen Arkenshield have begun to surface, reports of attacks by horrific creatures have become more frequent. The noble courts, seeking to calm the growing fears of the people, have decided to uncover what is happening at Arkenshield.

A decision has been made to release the estate to a rightful heir, Sir Olyn Frostwind. Sir Frostwind is a Knight Commander of Wyldemere's 3rd Archer Regiment. He plans to move his troops into the Arkenshield estate and rebuild the western battlements to defend against the horrors in Oakendale.

In preparation for his military action, Sir Frostwind has issued a call to arms to any adventurers willing to assist in investigating Arkenshield.
Out of Game Posts / Re: The Pub Feedback Survey
« Last post by Kyle on September 28, 2015, 06:53:37 pm »
Please fill out the Pub Feedback form and you will have a chance to win a free single serve dinner. Please send the surveys to my PM box. Thank you!
Event Teasers! / Teasers for Halloween 2015!
« Last post by derekjones on September 28, 2015, 03:42:03 pm »
NERO Chronicles Teaser Halloween Part 1.

A concentration-shattering thought is projected across the lands:

You thought that our fight was over, you were wrong. You cannot flee from me, you cannot avoid your fate. My reach extends well beyond that of the Terran Valley, it always has.

You ran from your oaths, turned your back on allies that sacrificed for you. You have proven what my children have claimed you to be from the beginning. You have no honor, you are cowards, you embrace necromancy, you are thieves, you are liars, all of you!

My Granddaughter has given you false hope. I cannot be defeated, the pathetic few that stood before me and were laid low are testament to my mercy. I should have ended their cowardly lives, "till the permanent death of my spirit", indeed! False oaths and bravado spoken by fools.

I have found her, and I will pick her apart piece by piece, my mercy has ended. She will suffer for each of the abominations hatched in lies and deceit. I will make her an example.

You think that you have hidden in the one place that I would not dare to return to? Fools! Nothing is beyond my reach! Oh yes, I have found you.

This time, there will be no escape.

The message finishes crashing through your mind, and when it finally leaves a mental image stays behind. A living wall of tarnished silver scales moves along your field of vision before being swallowed by darkness.
Out of Game Posts / Re: The Pub Feedback Survey
« Last post by Kyle on September 23, 2015, 08:50:08 pm »
Shu and Lance both have one free drink coming to them for filling out the survey. Also Shu gets a free single serve dinner at the next event he attends. Sorry for the late response.

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