Author Topic: Price Alert for Sept and Oct 2016  (Read 518 times)


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Price Alert for Sept and Oct 2016
« on: August 19, 2016, 12:37:34 pm »
Prices for the Sept event are set as follows:
(all pricing includes food and drinks)

Two Day Pricing
Up to 1 week before the event - $55
One week before the event - $60
Walk-in - $65

One Day Pricing
(includes food and drinks)
Up to 1 day before the event $30
Walk-in $35

Again, all pricing includes food and drink available at the in game Tavern.
We are exploring options to reduce the cost of events to players, the most important factors to event costs are facility rental fees, and event attendance. Facilities are almost never going to get cheaper so we must focus on bringing up attendance.